The City of Tarkio Board of Aldermen met on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at Tarkio City Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted. The regular meeting was called to order by Interim Mayor Timothy Morehouse. Roll call was done by Clerk Jones: aldermen Mike Klosek, Scott Poppa, Ed Hunkins, and Andy Riley were all present. Visitors present were David Lee, Trisha Quimby, Sam Graves, Airport Manager Brooks Hurst, Mike Klosek, Sr., Tarkio Police Chief Tyson Gibbons, Tarkio Police Officer Adam Stanton, Tarkio Park Superintendent Kevin Bennett, Tarkio Street Superintendent Jamie Quimby, and Building Inspector Jessie Payne.
The board approved the minutes from the regular meeting January 11, 2017, as distributed. Filings for the April 4, 2017, Election are: Timothy Morehouse for the position of Mayor, one year unexpired term; for the North Ward Alderman, incumbent, Scott Poppa, and Jamie Caldwell, 2 year term; and incumbent for South Ward Alderman, Andy Riley, 2 year term.
Brooks Hurst and Sam Graves were present to speak to the board about the electric bill at the airport that is supplied to hangars owned by individuals that lease from the city. This will be looked into that the metered electric will be paid by the individuals receiving the service. Hurst and Graves gave the board a quick overview of the bi-annual Wingnuts Flying Circus, EAA chapter 1405, Air Show cost.
David Lee with the Board of Public Works gave a brief update on the issues with the sewer lagoons. The sewer lagoons are being treated with a new chemical and they hope this will help with the issue. The Board of Public Works is presently applying for the license on the lagoons to be renewed. Alderman Riley asked Mr. Lee about the funds issued to the Board of Public Works from the Wholesale Water Commission and the water usage for the city.
The clerk gave the Board of Aldermen information on short term disability, which was tabled from the previous meeting. Riley made a motion to go with Unum for short term disability. The motion was seconded and approved.
Interim Mayor Morehouse asked the board to approve appointments for the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments. The representatives for Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Government’s Board that are needed are as follows: Solid Waste Executive Board and Solid Waste Full Board, because Mike Klosek, Jr., is in conflict; Regional Development Board, Andy Riley presently holds, Jackie Spainhower suggests that Adam Stanton be appointed, as it is the same night as Regional Council Board meeting, which Stanton is on; and Scott Poppa currently serves on the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) board. The board voted to appoint Adam Stanton to be put on the Regional Council of Governments and the Regional Development Corpor­ation Board. Riley made a motion for Poppa to take the Solid Waste Executive Board and Solid Waste Full Board and Klosek to take the position of the TAC position on the Regional Council Boards. Two voted aye and two voted nay for the positions. Interim Mayor Morehouse voted aye to break the tie. The motion and the second passed.
The Sycamore R-V Park utilities, electric and water, increased quite a bit the last couple months with all the R-V renters. Employees researched other parks to see what their rates are for all utilities offered. Poppa made a motion to raise the rent to $600 on a monthly rate for 30 and 50 amp usages and require a $200 deposit. Hunkins seconded the motion. Three voted aye and one voted nay. The motion passed. The contract shall also read no refund on early departures.
Samsung Galaxy pads were researched for the board. Midwest Data Center gave a quote of $1,825 for five tablets for the Mayor and Board, packets to go paperless. Poppa voted to purchase five Samsung Galaxy Pads. Riley seconded the motion. Two aye votes were cast and two nay votes were cast. Mayor Morehouse voted nay. The motion did not pass. Hunkins made a motion to purchase Apple iPads. Riley seconded the motion. No vote was taken and the motion died. Clerk Jones was requested to research the cost of iPads.
Department Reports
Ed Hunkins, Fire Department – Hunkins reported that five volunteer firemen attended the 2017 fire school in Columbia. The replacement pagers for the department are in.
Michael Klosek, City Buildings – The Community Building floor will be refinished this month at the cost of $2,098.83. The painting project at the Community Building is not yet completed at this time in the restroom areas.
Andy Riley, Street Department – Riley recommended to the board to purchase a backhoe for the Bob Cat for $10,500. Since this is over $5,000 it is required to get three bids. Mr. Quimby was directed to get three bids. The street superintendent looked at the old KCP& L building to purchase for a maintenance barn. Riley stated that it would be better to put up a building with more bays and it would be more efficient for a maintenance barn. The old street sweeper will be put out for sale on sealed bids again. The board discussed the brush pile area and gave options of putting up a camera or to fence it in. There is illegal dumping of items other than yard waste and also nonresidents of Tarkio dumping. There have been fires started by individuals, which cause problems. If a camera was utilized the individuals starting fires or illegal dumping could be identified, if caught, issued a citation and fined in court. A tree at the corner of 3rd and Main is lifting up the sidewalk and will be removed.
Scott Poppa, Parks and Pool – Left the meeting at 8:10 p.m.
Chief Gibbons, Police Department – Chief Gibbons gave his report of traffic stops, investigations, and training. The Honey Tree Nursery School came to visit the Police Department.
Interim Mayor Timothy Morehouse – Morehouse reported that Tenn Harbin had inquired about the lots between 1st and 2nd on the south side of Walnut for building a 40×60, 2 story commercial building. The lots in question were given to the Park Board by Tarkio Renewal a few years back. The area is not zoned for business. There was interest in the same lots a year ago, and the consensus is that it is not for sale.
Adam Stanton, Building Inspector – Stanton gave an updated report about the building issue at 308 Main Street. The building has been posted dangerous and barricades have been placed around the building to deter any pedestrian from walking near the building. The owner on the deed of 308 Main is deceased. Klosek made a motion for Stanton to do a visual inspection of the Street Barn Building. Hunkins seconded the motion. Two aye votes were cast and one nay vote was cast. The motion and second passed.
Clerk Jones – Jones asked the board if anyone had questions regarding their department’s financials. Jones gave each member a copy of the tentative 2017-2018 budget, to be passed at the next regular meeting, March 8, 2017.
The board members voted to pay the outstanding bills as listed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m. The next regular meeting will be March 8, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.