George Barnett, left – Of Tarkio was recently presented the USA/ASA Softball Slow Pitch Impact Award. He was nominated by David Carroll, right.

George Barnett of Tarkio was recently presented the USA/ASA Softball Slow Pitch IMPACT Award. This award was initiated in 2016 in order to recognize slow pitch participants who have had a significant impact on the game. This impact may be as a manager or player with an involvement of many years. George was nominated by David Carroll and was one of three people in the state of Missouri to receive the award this year. Mr. Carroll’s nomination stated of Mr. Barnett: “It is my privilege to nominate George for this award. In the 70’s and 80’s, George’s teams were the premier team of slow pitch softball in northwest Missouri. George managed slow pitch teams for 18 years after managing fast pitch teams for seven years. He started out managing the Tarkio Merchants, but later they became Tarkio Hy-Vee. George also played on the teams those 18 years. The last game George played was in 2003 at the age of 65. I have attached the record of the teams he coached. George’s best team was in 1974 when they won 10 of the 11 tournaments they played in and finished 7th at state. I asked George the reason for his success and he said, ‘Recruiting good players.’ He also said getting them to play in the position they needed to be to help the team was also a big factor. George managed around 200 players. Many were from the Tarkio area, but many were also from all over northwest Missouri. George also stated that the friends he made in slow pitch softball were friends for life. George, for many years, has also attended all Tarkio High School events and now attends University of Missouri softball games at the age of 78. I could not nominate a better person and slow pitch softball man than George Barnett.”