The towns of Fairfax, Tarkio and Westboro have many candidates vying for city positions in the upcoming April 4, 2017, election. Each candidate was asked to provide in 250 words or less why they are the best for the position they are seeking. Please turn to page 10 for their answers.

FOR FAIRFAX MAYOR- RYAN KINGERY- I am honored to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Fairfax. I have learned much about the City of Fairfax since being appointed alderman in February 2016. The current city council and I are working very hard to be fiscally responsible while keeping what we feel is best for the community members a priority. My wife, Jill Lewis Kingery, and I moved back to Atchison County two years ago after being away for nearly 20 years. Jill and I became involved from the start. Jill is a member of the Optimist Club and Chairperson of the recently formed Fairfax Improvement Foundation. I have helped coach the Fairfax Half-Pints and T-ball teams over the past two years. I have also coached the 10 and under East Atchison Wolves Football team during that same time. We have since built our forever home with our four children Trenton (11), Kendall (10), Mason (8), and Brenna (5). Having 4 children in the Fairfax School System makes keeping Fairfax a strong supportive community very important to my family and I. It has been an honor serving as a Fairfax City Alderman over the past year. Watching this community come together after the devastating wind storm on July 7th, 2016 shows me how amazing this community is and will continue to be. I hope I can count on your support in this election and during my term as Mayor. Please help me continue to serve Fairfax and vote Ryan Kingery on April 4th.



JERRY KIRKPATRICK- If the question I have been asked to answer is “why do you think you should be mayor of Westboro, MO? The quick and easy answer is; Why would I not take the opportunity to help the people who live in the community I have lived in, and raised my children and grandchildren in most of my life? More than one year ago I found that our city was in trouble. There seemed to be a lot of talk, but no action, none of which happened many years ago when I was mayor. I was elected to the board of aldermen and began fixing problems on my own time for free, as well as attempting to bring light to many of the issues concerning the financial irresponsibility of the current mayor. I have strongly opposed the purchase of a house that will never be ADA compliant and so can never be a city hall because I believe the finances wasted on this project should have been put toward the paving of our streets which are still unpaved. I have, and will continue as mayor to work toward replacing our water tower, and our water lines paid for with grant monies. I will create multiple accounts returning our city back to a legal financial system which was corrupted for the purpose of buying the house, and I will attempt to restore order, politeness and transparency to the board so that every citizen has a voice that can and will be heard.

TARKIO North Ward Alderman-


SCOTT POPPA- Scott Poppa lives at 909 North 5th Street in Tarkio. He has lived in Tarkio his entire life and has always farmed and raised cattle. Scott is married to Bobbi Poppa, who works at Tarkio Elementary School. They have three daughters: Kamden, a Junior at Northwest Missouri State University; Brynnan, a 8th grader at Tarkio High School; and Jersi, a 5th grader at Tarkio Elementary.
Scott says, “Tarkio will always be my home. I am not going anywhere. Therefore, I have an interest in making sure our town continues to move in the right direction. I’ve been on the Tarkio Board of Aldermen for two years and the Tarkio Road District Board for the last 6 years and have tried to represent each person fairly, listen to their concerns, and if possible, act on them. I believe in Tarkio and know that it does take teamwork to accomplish things for the betterment of the community.” He added, “I am proud to be a citizen of Tarkio. I have raised my daughters in the same town where I grew up and have taught them to take pride in their hometown. I want to continue to make sure our tax dollars are being spent wisely to benefit our entire community. I want to help continue cleaning up the town and make Tarkio a place where my children and others will want to raise their children.”


Jamie Clark Caldwell- Jamie Caldwell currently lives at 507 Park Street in Tarkio. “I have been a resident of Tarkio for about 12 years and I love the small town atmosphere. I have 21 years of military experience, which has taught me a lot about leadership skills. I am currently the Service Officer and Chaplain of American Legion Post #199 in Tarkio and I enjoy helping people in anyway that I can. I do not have much political office experience, but I feel I would be a great North Ward Alderman because I truly enjoy listening to people and helping people no matter what the problem is and with my leadership skills I feel I can get the job done. Thank you for your support!”

FOR WESTBORO Alderman At Large-


NATHAN VARDAMAN- “I was appointed to the position of alderman a year and a half ago. I am a member of the Westboro Lions Club and was a member of the Braddyville Volunteer Fire Department for 16 years. I volunteer my free time consistently in our efforts to maintain our city while raising four children in the city I love. The frustration I have endured for more than a year because of the lack of transparency concerning the financial accountability of this city is staggering. The board of aldermen should be allowed to see all financial records. However, we have been restricted from seeing bank balances, monthly financial reports, as well as yearly statements. With the help of Jerry Kirkpatrick as mayor, I believe that this situation will be rectified with the current election, and we can bring transparency and peace to the city council. I have been testing and maintaining our sewer system, as well as working on our quickly deteriorating water system, which I believe is a top priority and will not fix itself by burying our head in the sand. The boondoggle surrounding the purchase of a city hall that can never be utilized as a city hall has cost us more than $10,000 and will cost us even more as time goes on. The answer to this is to work together to construct a city hall on Main Street with volunteer labor already committed for a more efficient and functioning option.”


JOSEPH CASON- I have successfully owned and run a corporation and two business’s for the last thirty two years. As a corporal of United States Marines, I was taught that just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right, and just because no one is doing it doesn’t make it wrong. Westboro, MO is a city of wonderful people lead by a mayor who has been doing it wrong for some time, but with the support of our people, that is about to change. Government should be financially transparent, responsible, and trust worthy. Government should pay its bills on time, treat its citizens with respect while politely listening to the voice of all the people; none of these traits exist within the current government of Westboro. If I am elected alderman, I will work with Jerry Kirkpatrick as mayor to correct these issues, and return the city to what has been lost. I will work with voluntary labor we have already enlisted to construct a structure on main street which our citizens will be proud to call “city hall”. I will work to renew our water system thru grants, and stop the irresponsible financial bleeding of this city and get the streets paved on a regular basis. I have attended many city counsel meetings, and I can safely say that the zoo I have witnessed must end following this election if we are to have a city to call home. With the right leadership, Westboro has a bright future!