The City of Tarkio Board of Aldermen met Wednesday, March 8, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
The public hearing was called to order. Present were: Becky Jones, Tarkio City Clerk, and aldermen Mike Klosek, Scott Poppa and Ed Hunkins.
The Zoning Board recommendation for an in-home business and a variance at 1109 Park Street was read by Interim Mayor Tim Morehouse. There being no comments on the public hearing by residents, the public hearing was closed.
The regular meeting was called to order by Interim Mayor Morehouse. Present were: Clerk Jones, and aldermen Klosek, Poppa and Hunkins. Visitors present were Laura Gibbons, Mary Vance, Brittany Vogler, Mike Klosek, Sr., and Amy Weidenaar and husband. City employees present were Police Chief Tyson Gibbons, Police Officer Adam Stanton, and Park Superintendent Kevin Bennett.
The board approved the minutes from the regular meeting of February 8, 2017.
Mary Vance was present with her concern about the smoke coming from the leaf/limb pile. The city does not light the pile on fire if the wind is coming out of the south, but occasionally the wind will change after it is lit. The pile has also been lit by people other than the city employees. Anyone aware of this is encouraged to notify the police at 660-736-5522.
Poppa requested to add 10 to the agenda: Discussion on the area south of the Ball Field that was previously a compost pile.
Mayor Morehouse read Bill No. 202.17, Ordinance No. 189.17 – An Ordinance Adopting A Budget For The City of Tarkio’s Fiscal Year April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, by title. The first and second readings were approved and the bill passed.
Mayor Morehouse read Bill No. 203-17, Ordinance No. 190-17 – An Ordinance Authorizing The Mayor and City Clerk On Behalf of The City of Tarkio To Sign The Administrative Tax Abatement On New Construction For Ag Partners Corporation. The first and second readings were approved, and the bill passed.
The mayor, board and Police Department talked about the USDA Grant amount and the price of purchasing two new police cars (SUVs). The cost of two new SUVs would be $58,617, trade in allowance may be $10,000, grant if awarded would be approximately $8,792.55 for a cost of two vehicles of approximately $39,824.45. The aldermen voted to go forward with the grant and get two vehicles.
Mayor Morehouse read Bill No. 204.17, Ordinance No. 191.17 – An Ordinance Of The City of Tarkio, Missouri Amending The Budget For The Fiscal Income And Expenditure Accounts. Year Ending March 31st, 2017 By Amending Certain Revenue And Expenditure Accounts. The first and second readings were approved, and the bill passed.
The board approved the Zoning Board’s recommendations to allow Brooke Vette, daughter of Gary and Darcy Vette, a business variance to have a beauty shop in their residence at a location to be given.
The board also approved the Zoning Board’s recommendations to allow Carroll and Carolyn Jones’ variance.
The bid for the street sweeper was opened. Atchison Recycleing submitted a bid of $250. Poppa made a motion to accept the bid from Atchison Recycleing. There was no second to the motion so the motion died.
The city cell phones for the Police Department were discussed. The Police Department would like to forward the city phones to their personal phones. The request was approved.
Samsung and iPad prices were given to the board and mayor so they could go with paperless packets. Midwest Data Center gave a quote for 5 Samsung 16 GB tablets for $1,825.00 with cases; 32 GB iPads would be $2,420.83 with cases. The aldermen voted to purchase the iPads for $2,420.83.
Poppa explained that the Park Department was willing to seed down the area south of the ball field and have a parking area for spectators during the ball games. The thought would be to have no parking signs placed on the street which would also make it safer for everyone. The board agreed to allow the Park Board to work the ground and get it seeded.
Department Reports
Michael Klosek, City Buildings, reported the Tarkio Community Building floor will be getting another coat of varnish. Klosek noted that the deck on the Community Building needs to be painted again.
Interim Mayor Morehouse gave the Street Department report. Additional rock has been put at the RV park for vehicle parking. A couple trees were removed, one being on Main Street. Due to the mild winter, there is quite a bit of winter mix left over. The Street Department will be fixing signs. The Atchison County Highway Department will be taking loads of the broken cement from the slag pile.
Chief Gibbons, Police Department, gave his report of traffic stops, investigations, and training.
Adam Stanton, Building Inspector, gave an updated report about the building issue at 308 Main Street.
David Lee with the Board of Public Works left a message that the license for the sewer lagoons has been applied for renewal.
Hunkins made a motion to pay the outstanding bills as listed. The motion passed.
The next regular meeting will be April 12, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at Tarkio City Hall.