The Niedermeyer Park spruce tree donated by the Tarkio Rotary Club was recently damaged by two juveniles, who beat the tree with sticks, bending and breaking off limbs.

Niedermeyer Park in Tarkio is a beautiful place for children to have fun and for adults to relax or gather for picnics, meetings, and events. Unfortunately, it is repeatedly vandalized. The latest event included two juveniles beating the spruce tree with sticks, breaking limbs and knocking them off the tree. The juveniles were caught in the act and are being dealt with. Unfortunately, this tree has severe damage and was a $300 tree donated by the Tarkio Rotary Club.
We, as Tarkio citizens, have got to stop these acts from happening in the first place. If you allow your children to go to the park, talk to them about taking care of the equipment and being respectful around the trees, shrubbery, and flowers that were planted to make the park more beautiful (this goes for anyplace in the city, not just the park). And as with anything, if you see suspicious or criminal activity taking place, intervene or call the Tarkio Police Department immediately so that the perpetrators can be stopped. Take pride in your town and help make it a more beautiful and peaceful place to live.