Tarkio seniors and underclassmen were honored for academic excellence at an awards’ assembly held Friday, May 12, 2017, in the THS Gym. During the assembly, the Tarkio High School seniors received scholarships for future college endeavors and recognitions for achievements made in their classes this school year (2016-17). Other students also received honors for their achievements throughout the year.
Members of the Class of 2017 walked into the gym and then everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance. THS Counselor Tracy Cooper welcomed everyone in attendance and then the award presentations began. The following is a list of honorees and the awards presented:
Atchison County Development Corporation (ACDC) Scholarship presented by Lydia Hurst – Bree Barnett and Kris Riley
Tarkio Rotary Club scholarships presented by Glenn Scott – Dr. Gavin L. Doughty Memorial Scholarship – Bree Barnett; Charles “Chuck” Sheppard Memorial Scholarship – Shelby McCartney; Tarkio High School Interact Scholarships – Bree Barnett and Shelby McCartney; and Tarkio High School Interact President Recognition – Shelby McCartney
Tarkio First Baptist Church Deacon Memorial Scholarship presented by Glenn Scott – Bree Barnett
Tarkio First Christian Church Walters Family Scholarship presented by Dave Wynn – Karlly Eyman
Forty and Eight Scholarship presented by Marvin Harper – Bree Barnett
Tarkio Lions Club Scholarships presented by Steve Klute – Bree Barnett, Kris Riley, Shelby McCartney, and Chase Henson
Westboro Lions Club Scholarship presented by Patty Laur – Haley Hall
Hixson Family Memor­ial Scholarship presented by Cherie Heits and Casey Martin – Dawson Joesting
CTA Scholarships presented by Dara Wennihan – Max Gregg Scholarship – Bree Barnett; Wheatley Scholarship – Chase Henson; and Carlotta White Scholarship – Karlly Eyman
P.E.O. Chapter FF Scholarships presented by Blu Dow – Bree Barnett and Chase Henson
George V. Smith Tarkio Fire Department Scholarship presented by Blu Dow – Shelby McCartney
David Joesting Scholarship presented by Dustin Lambertsen – Dawson Joesting and Kris Riley
The following awards were presented by Tracy Cooper:
Northwest Missouri State University Awards – Tower Scholarship – Shelby McCartney; and A+ Scholarship – Shelby McCartney
Rockhurst University Scholarship – Shelby McCartney
Missouri Western State University – Governor’s Academic Scholarship and Alumni Legacy Scholarship – Bree Barnett; and A+ Scholarship – Chase Henson and Bree Barnett
Creighton University Scholarship – Bree Barnett
Missouri University of Science and Technology – Missouri Miners Scholarship, S&T University Scholarship, Federal Pell Grant, Missouri Access Grant, and Supplemental Education Grant – Noah Brooks
Missouri State University – Provost Scholarship – Karlly Eyman
MFA Scholarship – Shelby McCartney
Luretta Ruth Turnbull Memorial Scholarship – Bree Barnett and Shelby McCartney
Northwest Technical School (NTS) Recognition – Kris Riley (two-year Welding certificate), Selena Somerville (one-year Autobody & Collision certificate), and Dayton Murry (one-year Welding certificate)
D.A.R.E. Role Model Recognition – Karlly Eyman, Bree Barnett, and Shelby McCartney
“I Dare You” Award – Shae DeRosier and Madison Ohrt
Lois Kemper Jurich Memorial Scholarship and Adolph & Hulda Kemper Family Memorial Scholarship – Shelby McCartney
2017 Duke TiP Recognition – Alexis Brown and Aaron Schlueter
George Washington Carver Award – Bree Barnett
College Preparatory Certification Recognition – Bree Barnett, Karlly Eyman, Haley Hall, Chase Henson, Dawson Joesting, and Shelby McCartney
President’s Education Award Program in Outstanding Academic Excellence – Bree Barnett, Noah Brooks, Karlly Eyman, Haley Hall, Chase Henson, and Shelby McCartney
President’s Education Award Program in Outstanding Academic Achievement – Dawson Joesting
The State of Missouri and United States House of Representatives Congratulatory – Bree Barnett, Noah Brooks, Karlly Eyman, Haley Hall, Chase Henson, Dawson Joesting, Shelby McCartney, Madelyn Quimby, and Kris Riley
Top Five Seniors – Bree Barnett (1), Shelby McCartney (2), Haley Hall (3), Noah Brooks (4), and Karlly Eyman (5)
Spanish Awards presented by Leticia Sotomayor – Junior High – Alexis Brown, Justin Stanton, Aaron Schlueter, Sophia Martin, Amy Somerville, Katie Hall, Jaden Goodin, and Stormy Nordhausen; Spanish 1 – Prima Mangkasing, Skye Clark, Jordyn Heard, Gage McAdams, and Jordan Hogue; and Spanish 2 – Kaely Kirwan and Cat Prater
National Honor Society Good Citizen Award presented by NHS Sponsor Mark Staten – Shelby McCartney
Academic Letters and Bars presented by Mark Staten – 1st year – Alex Driskell, Jordan Heard, Cat Prater, Kaely Kirwan, Grace Martin, Megan Lee, Lily Graves, Chloe Bruns, Garrett Meyer, Skye Clark, Gage McAdams, Madison Lesher, Gabby DeRosier, Zach Sapp, Tawni Martin, Destiny Sanders, and Prima Mangkasing; 2nd year – Taylor Brown, Hannah Blank, Melissa Lang, Madison Ohrt, Shae DeRosier, Lauren Quimby, and Bella Hurst; and 3rd year – Chase Henson, Haley Hall, Karlly Eyman, Shelby McCartney, Noah Brooks, and Bree Barnett
7-9 English Awards presented by Mark Staten – 7th Grade – Highest Points – Alexis Brown, Warrior Writers – Alexis Brown, Morgan Shaw, and Sophia Martin, Pie Award – Katie Hall and Kaylin Merriweather, Spelling Words (100% on all 420 words and Regional Spelling Bee participant) – Sophia Martin; 8th Grade – Highest Points – Bryli Staten, Warrior Writers – Ella Rolf, Mercedes Parshall, and Cheyenne Gray, Pie Award – Madison Driskell, Brianna Maxwell, and Autumn Murry, Spelling Words (100% on all words) – Aubrey Brown, Bryli Staten, and Harley Caudill, and Atchison County Spelling Bee participant – Devin Guajardo; 9th Grade – Highest Points – Anna Klute, Warrior Writers – Jake McEnaney and Jae Barnett, Pie Award – Ashton Yeary, Gus Hurst, and Novalee Yeary
Florence Prather McMillan Scholarship and English Award presented by Casey Martin – Shelby McCartney
Reading Award presented by Heidi Hale – Melissa Lang
Scholar Athlete Awards presented by Joe Unternahrer – Melissa Lang, Bella Hurst, Shae DeRosier, Shelby McCartney, Noah Brooks, Bree Barnett, and Colin Joesting
MSHSAA Awards of Excellence presented by Joe Unternahrer – Shelby McCartney and Shae DeRosier
Outstanding Math Award presented by Joel Jeffries – Noah Brooks and Shelby McCartney
Scholar Bowl Senior Recognition presented by Joel Jeffries – Bree Barnett
A+ Recognitions presented by Carrie Livengood – Shelby McCartney, Bree Barnett, Chase Henson, and Karlly Eyman
Perfect Attendance Recognitions presented by Carrie Livengood – Gabby DeRosier, Madison Driskell, Tius Eaton, Jimi Elder, Jaden Goodin, Jordan Goodin, Emily Vance, Gus Hurst, Tyler Jennings, Kaely Kirwan, Melissa Lang, Megan Lee, Riley Lekey, Prima Mangkasing, Jordan Mattice, Kaylin Merriweather, Jesse Navin, Cat Prater, Alexandria Somerville, Braiden Wennihan, and Keaton Williams
Cheyenne McClain recognized all those who attended Atchison County Goverment Day.
Oustanding Senior Social Studies Award presented by Cheyenne McClain – Bree Barnett
Senior Class Prophecies were read. Senior Class President Shelby McCartney presented Junior Class President Shae DeRosier with the class key.
Yearbook teacher Stephanie Parsons recognized yearbook staff Zach Sapp, Cat Prater, Taylor Brown, and Tawni Martin
Outstanding Senior Publications Award presented by Stephanie Parsons – Chase Henson
Yearbook Dedication presented by Stephanie Parsons – Robbie Bates, Sean Feehan, Gretchen Garrett, Ashley Hummel, Bryant Hummel, Joel Jeffries, and Leticia Sotomayor
Mr. and Miss THS presented by Stephanie Parsons – Dawson Joesting and Shelby McCartney
Student Body President Bree Barnett announced that the newly elected 2017-18 Student Body President is Colin Joesting.
Everyone said the Pledge to Tarkio High School. As the seniors exited the gym, they stacked their seats, thus trying to thwart the juniors’ customary “changing of the seats.” Each grade moved up a row signifying their higher grade level and then the assembly ended.