Notes from the May 17, 2017 Regular Meetings of the Rock Port R-II Board of Education
President Rich Dewhirst called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Other members present were Afton Schomburg, Ken Miller, Jeremy Davis, Dan Lucas, and Clay Vogler. Member Harold Lawrence was absent. Also present were Elementary Principal Steve Waigand, Superintendent Craig Walker, Board Secretary Debbie Young, Mike Pfeil, Michele Pfeil, Mike Farmer, Lisa Farmer, W.C. Farmer, Stacy Walker, Lyn Simmons, Kaitlea Hastert, Marty Farley, Jen Geib, Jill Davis, Kayla Sierks, and Kerri Acton.
The agenda was amended to add approve audit engagement letter under new business and to add an executive session for personnel matters following new business and then adopted as amended. The minutes of the organizational & regular meetings of April 13, 2017 and the work study session of May 11, 2017 were approved. Mr. Walker reviewed the financial information for the month ending April 2017. The transfer of funds, the April final check register, the May check register to date, and the activity account checks were approved.
Mike Farmer addressed the board members during scheduled audience regarding buying locally and the importance of supporting the local businesses of Atchison County. President Dewhirst thanked him for his presentation and Mike and Michele Pfeil, Mike and Lisa Farmer, and W.C. Farmer left the meeting at this time.
Stacy Walker then thanked the board members for supporting the third & fourth grades on their field trip to Jefferson City, M0. She noted some of the highlights of the trip and presented a group photo and a thank you note from a fourth grader. Mrs. Walker also presented information on the fourth grade Project Lead the Way and the elementary robotics club.
Mr. Waigand reported May attendance for the elementary was 97.04% (183 students). March’s character word was Perseverance.  Blue Jays of the Week were provided pizza, cookies, and refreshments on May 8 by Grace Church and Pastor Shimmel. May’s character word is Patience – ability to remain calm and to wait for what you want. The 3rd – 6th grade students completed the annual MAP tests; thank you to the testing committee for activities and incentives for the students. Preschool registration and Kindergarten round-up have been held; we currently have 22 students enrolled for kindergarten, 18 students enrolled for full-day preschool, and 15 students enrolled for half-day preschool. An open house in honor of Mrs. Sierks’ retirement was held on May 1, and the 5th and 6th grade bands performed in the Spring Concert on May 3. Elementary students wrote letters of appreciation to their teachers and one letter for each teacher was read aloud at a teacher appreciation assembly on held May 4. The 3rd – 6th grade track meet was held on May 5 and the Pre-K – 2nd Fun Day was held on May 16. Elementary Step-Up Day was held on May 17. The summer school enrollment currently stands at 132 with elementary summer school scheduled to run from May 24 through June 16. Professional development: Mrs. Farley, Mrs. Waigand, and Mrs. Vette attended PLTW training on May 8; Mr. Waigand attended the 275 conf. professional learning day meeting on May 1; Staff collaboration meetings were held on April 26; the final on-site PLTW training was held on April 18 and 19.
Mrs. Kemerling’s report was reviewed in her absence. Several upcoming dates and activities were noted. She reported that April attendance for the high school was 96.06% and attendance for the year is 95.62%. There are 157 students in grades 7 – 12. Congratulations to our class of 2017!  This year’s class graduated 23 students.  Josie Watkins and Mrs. Palmer attended the State Music Contest in Columbia, MO, where Josie earned a “I” Exemplary rating.  Ms. Heitman took Matt Hance, Ayden Wilroy, Katie Lininger, Riley Vogler, Ashley Christian, and Hallee Bradley to the Chemathon held at MWSU.  These students placed 1st in the Small School Division.  Matt Hance won 1st place on the Written Exam for the Small School Competition, and Ayden Wilroy won 4th place on the Written Exam.  Our Girls’ Track Team and Coaches Burke, Fentiman, and Jenkins will be sending six girls on to State Track in Jefferson City, MO.  Good luck to the coaches and to Dayle Davis, Alexis Baucom, Megan Stevens, Abbie Hale, Cortney LaHue, and Jackie Bradley. Jase Hughes made it to State Golf and is competing on 5/15 and 5/16.  At our recent HS Awards Assembly, Ms. Heitman and the Scholar Bowl Team were named Outstanding Organization of the Year. Ms. Acton and students put on an outstanding performance of Aladdin this month.  Mrs. Eickhoff recently had staff vote on the Artist of the Year and the Art Project of the Year.  The Art Project of the Year went to Dalton Stevens, and Alexis Baucom won Artist of the Year honors.  Alexis also had a featured Senior Exhibit at this year’s Fine Arts Banquet displaying a variety of pieces that she has created. JH & HS state testing is completed and we look forward to viewing the results. Staff reports were received from Mr. Moore, Ms. Acton, Mrs. Palmer, Mr. Skillen, Mrs. Miller, and Ms. Heitman.
Mr. Walker reported on the 2017 commencement which was held in the new gym for the first time. He gave an update on the EOC scores and reviewed the current version of the 2017-2018 high school master schedule. He also reviewed a preliminary report on the district technology needs for next year and stated the Technology Committee will have the tech plan ready for approval at the next regular meeting. Mr. Walker presented legislative updates concerning education.
The board members complimented the staff on the graduation ceremony.
The board then proceeded to address items of new business. Action was taken to approve the audit engagement letter from Marsh, Espey & Riggs for the 2016-2017 audit, and to adopt a board resolution of recognition and appreciation recognizing the Dean C. Curnutt Trust and Trustee Joanne Curnutt for their generous donation to the district STEM program. Consideration was given to board policies 1210 and 5550 with action taken to adopt policy 1210 and to table policy 5550 to the June regular meeting. Action was taken to approve the 2017 summer school budget, to approve the 2017-2018 certified salary schedule increasing the base salary to $30,650 and adding $25 to the vertical steps, to approve an increase of $5,000 to the board paid life insurance of all eligible employees, and to approve an increase of 1.82% to the non-schedule support staff. Consideration was given to bids for a property survey of the school farm with action taken to accept the bid from Midland Survey. Action was taken to approve the bid from Davis Concrete for repair work to the west driveway, and to approve the bid from Burke & Sons Lumber for new restroom partitions for the elementary student restrooms. Bids for roof repair were tabled to the June regular meeting. Action was taken to approve the Lunchtime Solutions Management Agreement, the breakfast and lunch prices, and the preschool tuition rates for the 2017-2018 school year. Consideration was given to elementary math texts with action taken to approve Math Expressions for third through sixth grades. The board accepted with regrets the resignation of Jill Davis at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.
The board then adjourned to executive session for personnel matters. Upon returning to open session the board took action to employ Ciara Armstrong as a teacher for the 2017-2018 school year, to approve the employment of 2 full-time and 1 part-time summer maintenance workers, to approve 10 extra 2017-2018 contract days in the library for Amy Skillen, to approve a 1.82% salary increase for Elementary Principal Steve Waigand, and to extend extra-duty contracts for 2017-2018 as follows: Donnie Parsons, Head HS Boys Track; Stacy Walker, Head Cross Country; Gary Davis, Asst. HS Girls BB; Rachel Jenkins, Asst. HS Girls Track; Richard Fentiman, Asst. HS Boys Track; Donnie Parsons, Head JH Boys and Girls Track; Alec Hendrickson, Asst. JH FB and Asst. JH Boys BB; and Steve Proctor, Asst. JH Wrestling. Additional extra-duty contracts will be extended as the positions are filled.
The meeting was then adjourned.