June 1, 2017, marks the beginning of Missouri’s new Photo Voter ID law. Beginning this day, elections will be affected by this law change. While this new law makes changes to Missouri’s election day voter ID requirements, it is important to remember that if a voter is an eligible, registered voter, they can vote!
With the new law change, there are a few things to note:
· While a photo ID is not the only form of acceptable identification, it helps ensure the identity of the voter.
· Under Missouri’s new law, there are 3 ways a voter can cast a ballot at the polls on Election Day:
Option 1: Provide a Missouri issued Driver or Non-driver license, U.S. Passport, or Military ID
Option 2: Provide a secondary form of identification, such as a paycheck or bank statement and sign a statement confirming their identity
Option 3 – If the voter has no form of identification, but is a registered voter, they can cast a provisional ballot.
There are two ways the vote counts:
– If the voter comes back to their polling location before the close of polls on Election Day; OR
– If the signature matches the signature on file on the voter registration record.
Beginning immediately, if you want a photo ID to vote and don’t have one, the Missouri Secretary of State’s office will help you obtain one non-driver license for free. They can help you obtain the documents you need at no cost to you.
You may need a copy of your certified birth certificate, certified marriage license, certified divorce decree, certified adoption papers or amended birth certificate, a court order that changed your name, a social security card that reflects your name, or naturalization papers that prove citizenship.
If you do not have a photo ID to vote, but already possess the necessary documents to obtain a non-driver license and want one to vote, please visit the local license office and request a non-driver license for voting purposes.
Go to www.dor.mo.gov to find the nearest license office and the documents needed to obtain an ID. You may also call the ShowIt2Vote Hotline toll-free (866) 868-3245 or email ShowIt2Vote@sos.mo.gov for help obtaining your non-driver license for voting purposes or to ask any questions you have about showing ID to vote.
For Missouri birth certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees, email VitalRecordsInfo@health.mo.gov or call (573) 751-6387.
Currently there are no elections scheduled in Atchison County for the remainder of 2017, but if you do not have a photo ID you will want to go ahead and obtain one so you will be ready. You may also contact Atchison County Clerk Susette Taylor at 660-744-6214 with questions.