“Shrek The Musical” opened Friday evening at the Liberty Theatre in Rock Port, for its first weekend of performances. The play is directed by Devon Sons.
Cast members are: Clint Dougherty, Shrek; Mikaela Sons, Fiona; Jordan Andrews, Donkey; Lee Goolsby, Lord Farquaad; JosieWatkins, Dragon; Andrew Braams, Pinocchio; Cameron Victor, Big Bad Wolf; Molly Carpenter, Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy; Erica Taylor, Wicked Witch; Rebekah Gebhards, Fairy Godmother; Kylie Nuckolls, Lizzie Schlueter, and Jayme McEnaney, Three Little Pigs; Katey Kroeger, Ugly Duckling; Ciara Schierkolk, Elf; Gabriel Minter, Peter Pan; Grant Spiegel, White Rabbit; Todd Herron, Okema Hale, and Bo Peregrine, Three Bears; RyAnne Herron, Mad Hatter; Anneliese Clauson, Humpty Dumpty; Mike Hays, Thelonius; Jakobi Hays, Dwarf; Kylie Nuckolls, Young Fiona; and Josie Watkins, Teen Fiona.
Making up the ensemble are: Harlee Pritt, Little Red Riding Hood; Stevie Pritt, Golden Goose; Claire Spiegel, Little Miss Muffet; Abbie Harms, Little Bo Peep; Wendy Hurst, Sheep; Riley Walker, Frog Princess; Norah Watkins, Goldilocks; Bryna McEnaney, Unicorn; Ryan Paris and Gabe Gebhards, Dish and Spoon; Audrey Dougherty, Tinker Bell; and Sophie Storm, Cheshire Cat.
The Duloc Dancers are Harlee Pritt, Kylie Nuckolls, RyAnne Herron, Ciara Schierkolk, Jayme McEnaney, Lizzie Schlueter, Claire Spiegel, Riley Walker, Abbie Harms, and Stevie Pritt. Other dancers include: Harlee Pritt and Kylie Nuckolls, Rats; and Josie Watkins, Ciara Schierkolk, and Katey Kroeger, Three Blind Mice.
Crew members are: Michelle Goolsby, Set Design/Painting; Scott Deatz, Lights/Sound; Susan Braams, Accompanist; Jordan Andrews, Vocal Coach; Jan Carpenter, Stage Manager; Robidoux Resident Theatre and Theresa Lee, costumes; Gabby DeRosier, Jordan Andrews, Mikaela Sons, and Annie Schmerber, choreography.
Members of the orchestra are: Susan Braams, Keyboard 1; Jaymi Victor, Keyboard 2; Amanda Mather, Flute/Piccolo; Melanie Wilson, Flute; Bradley Sheeley, Clarinet/Saxophone; Abby Palmer, Trumpet; Kyle Fitzgerald, French Horn; Stephen Till, Trombone; Josh Miller, Base; and Rick Flynn, Drums.
If you missed one of the performances last weekend, there will be four more performances this weekend: Friday, June 30, at 7:00 p.m.; Saturday, July 1, 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.; and Sunday, July 2, 2:30 p.m. Tickets are general admission, but you can call the box office at 660-744-5599 to reserve tickets.