July is the month for all of the children’s reading programs sponsored by the Atchison County Library.  The 2017 program will run three weeks, but the start times are diverse: July 5, 6, and 11, so be sure and check your local library’s schedule.
The reading theme this year is: Build a Better World!  This theme will go many directions.  You might Build a Better World by using good construction techniques for buildings, roads or bridges, or the world might be better if we use practices that promote clean water, clean air and clean energy.  Kindness, consideration, and even imagination can also make the world a better place!  Library Director, Janice Rosenbohm urges everyone to enroll their children in the reading programs.  The kids will have a great time, they will learn, and the programs might increase their awareness of the value and joy of reading!
FAIRFAX SCHEDULE:  Fairfax programs start July 6 and 11 and end July 20 and 25.  Four age groups will meet three times each.  Invited to attend are children age three through those who have completed grade five.  Volunteers who will lead these groups are Ashley Grossman, Leann Ohlensehlen, Sarah Osburn and Ashton Lewis.
Go see Amanda or call her at 686-2204 for all the details.
ROCK PORT SCHEDULE:  Rock Port programs start July 6 and 11 and end July 20 and 25.  Four age groups will meet three times each.  This program is for children age three through completed grade four.  Volunteers who will be guiding these groups are Andrea Cook, Tiffanie Gaines,  Dixie Teten and Trudy Heitman.  Go see Rebecca, Bob or Malisa or call them at 744-5404 for all the details.
TARKIO SCHEDULE:  Tarkio programs start July 5 and 6 and they will conclude on July 19 and 20.  Two age groups will meet three times each.  Story time and activities are planned for children age 3 through age 6.  Volunteers who will lead these little ones are Brooke Walton and Jan Taylor White.  Go visit Carol or call her at 736-5832 for all the details.  Library programs for grades one through four have been cancelled since Tarkio swim lessons have been scheduled in July at the same times as the reading programs.
The Library staff encourages everyone to enroll early.  It helps the staff and the volunteers to plan a great event.