Board President Duane Klute (right) presented James Jochim (left) with the Grand Prize of $500 in electricity.

Board Secretary Larry Lauman (right) presented Camden McEnaney (left) with Children’s Grand Prize, a Kindle Fire.

Submitted by Afton Schomburg

The 79th Annual meeting of the Atchison-Holt Electric Cooperative took place on Thursday evening, June 29, 2017, at the Rock Port High School Gymnasium. There were 157 registered members present and over 333 meals served. Families enjoyed a meal catered by Chris Shimmel and Holy Smokes BBQ, and music by the Rock Port Music Department.  Prize winners were : $25 Walmart Gift card from Arkansas Electric – Stacey Voltmer; 25 Walmart Gift card from Fletcher-Reinhardt – Russell Herron; $25 Walmart Gift card from Arkansas Electric – Ag Choice, Coin; Lego Set – Zoey Moore; Oster Waffle Maker – Everett Rhoades; Black & Decker Cordless Screwdriver & Tumbler – Richard Hummer; Bag Chair and AHEC Cap – Kenneth Lane; Black & Decker Griddle – Theresa Drewes; $25 Electricity – Luther Compton; Lego Set – Brett Wright; Honeywell Power Air Circulator – CD Cerven; Sunbeam Toaster – James Holtz; 25 Foot Extension Cord – Jay Clinkingbeard; Power Strip and RPG&CC Gift Certificate – Betty Herron; Eveready Flashlight & AHEC Cap – Amy Hughes; $15 Fandango Movie Theater Gift Card – Jillian Hannah; Dirt Devil Cordless Hand Vac – Lowell Lauman; Oster 12 inch Skillet – HB Lawrence; $25 Cabela’s Gift Card – Mark Brandon; $50 Electricity – Jerry Hume; Bag and Titleist Golf Balls from Altec -Darrell Murphy; Lego Set – Elisabeth Hummer; Bag Chair and AHEC Cap – Dennis Mier; Coleman Cooler – James Painter; 50 foot Hose – Dan Lucas; Lego Set – Cameron Biermann; Oster Blender – Jennifer Casey; Boogie Board – Jordan Jackson; Johnson Level and AHEC Cap – Dominic Hanway; 2 quart Crock Pot – James Pope; Eveready Flashlight & AHEC Cap – David Rhoades; Kickball – Bentley Wright; $50 electricity  –  Chris Staples; Soccer Ball – Ava Barnes; Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker -Max Meadows; 25 Foot Extension Cord – Todd Herron; $25 Electricity – Bernie Heits; Football – Jayden Bomar; Husky 12 foot Ratchet Set – Fred Weaver; $15 Fandango Movie Theater Gift Card – Jentrey Lauman; Oster Compact Deep Fryer – Richard Cook; 50 foot Hose – Glen Stenzel; Stanley Tape Measure & Tumbler – Pat Edwards; Boogie Board – Chance Lawson; Sunbeam Toaster     – Jerry Birkby; Turbo Blast Water Gun – Bryna McEnaney; 18 Volt Work Light, Box Cutter & Tumbler – Leon Love; Oster 16 inch Electric Skillet – Marvin Reents Living Trust; Husky 12 foot Ratchet Set – Darrel Voltmer; Pool Pack – Teahan Hannah; HDX 24 Pack Bungee Cords – Paul Ohrt; Turbo Blast Water Gun – Ellie Garst; $15 Subway Gift Card – Julia Bennington; 10 piece DeWalt Screwdriver Set – Gary Windhorst; $25 Bass Pro Gift Card – Marlan Tiemann; Pool Pack – Logan Drewes; Oster Blender – Neal Voltmer; Basketball – Johannah Biermann; Stanley Tape Measure, HDX Hammer & AHEC Cap – Wilbur Welchans; Oster Compact Deep Fryer – Dennis Rosenbohm; $50 Electricity – William Peregrine; $15 Fandango Movie Theater Gift Card – Ava Barnes; Power Strip and RPG&CC Gift Certificate – Gerald Walter; Kick Scooter – Ryan Love; 4.5 Quart Crock Pot – Tom Knierim; Black & Decker Griddle – Rock Port School; Black & Decker Cordless Screwdriver & Tumbler – Delores Harrington; Altec Digger Derrick Toy Truck – Nathan Stenzel; $25 Electricity – Don Morelock; Kick Scooter – Hallie Grist; $75 Electricity – Bart Geiger; Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer – Paul Rother; 4.5 Quart Crock Pot – William G. Long; $100 Electricity – Joy L. Trimmer; Kindle Fire – ML Peters & NA Peters Trust; MasterBuilt Electric Smokehouse from Kriz Davis – Sam Hannah; 32 inch Samsung Smart TV – Robb Handy; Kindle Fire – Camden McEnaney; $500 Electricity – James Jochim.