Submitted by Tarkio College, Tarkio, Missouri, June 29, 2017
Tarkio College announced that it has received the Site Visit Report from the Missouri Department of Higher Education, which marks the completion of the first process in the final step. There were several areas which require the college to make specific changes to policies and procedure. Most of the non-compliant areas are related to documentation and publications. There were just a few areas with the potential for a negative outcome that the college must submit a plan to address. Lastly, there were some recommendations for the accreditation process, which only require Tarkio College to submit a plan to address. Accreditation is different from certification, wherein, certification gives state approval to begin operations and after certification and the start of classes, then the college applies to a separate organization for accreditation.
In general, senior administration and board members were pleased with the visit and report. The college pledged to complete the next step in the process as quickly as possible. The Missouri Department of Higher Education was enthusiastic about the college completing the process and becoming certified. Linda Brunk Smith, President of the Board of Directors, and Bob Hughes, President of Tarkio College, have cautioned everyone to be patient, that the certification process is, indeed, a process requiring regulators to carefully evaluate every aspect of the college to assure the public that every law, statute, rule and regulation is met.