Locals have ta­ken up wiffle ball at ThE YARD in rural Fairfax. Owned by Josh Oswald, the field hosts teams of all ages, including the home team ThE YARD Goats, pictured right.  (Josh Pearson and Oswald Photos)

By Josh Oswald

Build it and they will come… Hollywood and Kevin Costner weren’t even a thought when it came to constructing “ThE YARD,” though this phrase has been tossed around a few times here and there. ThE YARD was birthed from a vision!! Ok, maybe not so much a vision, but a desire to give kids of the community, young adults, and recently, old adults a place to have fun!!
As owner of ThE Yard and General Manager of ThE YARD Goats, I say wiffle ball is America’s greatest pasttime. For those of you that don’t know, this wiffle ball field is located in the rolling hills of Northwest Missouri, outside of Fairfax. ThE YARD is a place for company outings, team building exercises, birthday parties, church gatherings, you name it! It’s fun for everyone!
ThE YARD Goats play regularly as the ThE YARD’s “home team.” Some people say that Goats stands for Greatest Of All Time.  Close, but we are hardly the greatest. We are just really good. The Goats are a team of athletic, highly trained, wiffle ballers from Fairfax and you can see them in action about every Sunday evening. Recently, ThE YARD Goats have hosted games against the Rock Port Muffin Men, the Tarkio Oompa Loompas, the Maryville Semi Pros, Northwest Titends, and others.
You can follow “ThE YARD” on Facebook. If you are interested in sponsoring ThE YARD or playing, feel free to message or call 660-787-0001. Be a part of the fun and a part of the action!