The spirit of David Rankin embodies Mike M. Louder (Noemi Martinez, front left) to explain the circumstances leading up to Mike’s death in the “Ghost Hunting Is Murder” production at Rankin Hall during Tarkio College Alumni Weekend. Also pictured is host David Womack, front right, Mary McAdams, back left, and Gloria Gibler, back middle.

The Tarkio College Alumni gathered for the college’s “Homecoming” this past weekend. A number of events took place both on the campus and around town Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 23-25, 2017.
One of the fun-filled festivities held was the “Ghost Hunting is Murder” play on the stage in Leitch Chapel at Rankin Hall. Written by host/director David W. Womack, the production included “a new ‘ghost hunting’ TV pilot being shot in Rankin Hall. A test audience gathered for a meeting to discuss the merits of the project. As the night unfolded, mysteries were uncovered, and someone died.” The audience gave their opinions on who they thought the murderer was and why they committed the dastardly deed and then the murderer was revealed. The play had the audience members and host cracking up as the actors’ and actresses’ improv lines were hilarious and on par. Even an orthopedic doctor, Dr. Houston, an alumnus who was in the audience, joined the cast on stage to determine the cause of death of the participant. Womack’s line of “Dr. Houston, we have a problem” had the crowd rolling, but even more so when the doctor determined that the obviously strangled victim had been killed by a broken hip.
The cast of characters included: Dr. Ista Krock – Gloria Gibler; Iya Dowteet – Mary McAdams; Mike M. Louder – Noemi Martinez; Opie Hazbeen – Andrew Pratt; Lens Couver – Ashleigh Pratt; Billy Buster – Isaiah Riker; and Buffy Buster – Jill Schoenrock-Riker. Organist was Eleanor Shirley.