August 6, 1992
Fairfax queen candidates include Molly Harding, Dana Kemerling, Nicole Harding, Kenna Demott, Alisha Walker, Kristen Jones, Cari Vinson, Amanda Burke, Heather Yandell, and Dawn Collins.
The men at the Sharp’s Grove Church south of Fairfax held their second appreciation breakfast Sunday morning. They served pancakes and sausages to about 40 people. The church just recently completed new front steps and a handicap ramp entrance and put a new roof on the building.
July 27, 1967
Manager Corky Smith, Office Manager Tim Collins, Salesman Bob Bowness and others are preparing for the grand opening of N-H-N Farm Center at Nishnabotna as a Purina feed center this coming Friday. Features of the event include free open-pit barbecue, free door prizes, and free dancing to the music of Don Beesley and group.
The final game of the summer baseball and recreation program will be the Lads playing their Dads Thursday evening. A big turnout is hoped for and the proceeds will be used to sponsor a trip for the boys to go to Kansas City to see an athletic game.
July 31, 1942
Rural schools in Atchison County will open on August 31 this year, according to county superintendent L. Blanche Templeton. The state superintendent has set a uniform date for the opening of all rural schools across the state except the cotton belt.
Although 377,000 Missourians have volunteered to participate in Missouri’s defense program, more are needed.