Saturday, July 29 a car’s passenger side windows were broken by someone using what looks to be a pellet or beebee gun.  The car is parked on the side of the building owned by the Leisman family on the corner of Opp and Main streets.  A second act of vandalism, on the same block, is now marked by a newly boarded up window at the old Rock Port Market, located on the southeast corner of Cass and Main streets.  Current owner Richard Carter, reported the vandalism to his building on Sunday, July 30.  One of the large front windows was broken by what seems to be the same method used on the car.  Mr. Carter painted a message to the person(s) responsible on the board covering the damage.  It reads “What Did I EVER Do to You?”
Senseless destruction of property is costly to property owners as well as detrimental to the reputation of the Rock Port community. Both vandalism cases are currently still under investigation.  Rock Port Police Chief Shannon Sherwood reported that they do not have a suspect at this time.  If you have any information in these cases please call the RPPD at (660) 744-2777.