President Richard Dewhirst called the tax rate hearing to order at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present were Afton Schomburg, Ken Miller, Jeremy Davis, Harold Lawrence, Dan Lucas, and Clay Vogler.  Others in attendance were Superintendent Craig Walker, High School Principal Ethan Sickels, Elementary Principal Steve Waigand, and Board Secretary Debbie Young.
The agenda was adopted and Mr. Walker presented the 2017-2018 budget information.  He reviewed information regarding district goals, CSIP, capital projects, administrators’ goals, curriculum, enrollment and MSIP.  The financial plan and spending plan were reviewed, and he reviewed the general summary of the budget which included information regarding the assessed valuation, tax rate ceiling, tax levy, local taxes, as well as a review of the projected ending balances for 2017-18.  He provided an overview of the projected revenues by category and also highlighted various expenditures included in the budget.  Charts indicating the assessed valuations and fund balances for the last ten years were also reviewed.  The Weighted ADA Calculation and SB287 Phase-In Formula Calculations were reviewed.  Action was taken to adopt the 2017-2018 budget and to set the tax levy for 2017-18 at $4.9202 which includes $0.8218 for the debt service levy.  The tax rate hearing was then adjourned.
President Richard Dewhirst called the regular meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.  The agenda was adopted and the minutes of the regular meeting of July 11, 2017 were approved.  Mr. Walker reviewed the financial information for the month ending July 2017.  The July final check register, August check register to date, and the activity account checks were approved.
Mr. Waigand reported on the elementary registration held on August 7 and 8.  Preliminary enrollment numbers are 180 students in grades K-6.  Staff members will be involved in meetings and professional development activities on August 14 – 16.  “Meet Your Teacher Night” and the Rotary Club back to school picnic will be held in the evening on August 16.  School will begin with a half day on August 17.  Welcome to our new elementary staff including Ciara Armstrong – 5th grade, Shelby Davison – ½ day preschool paraprofessional, and Ashley Grossman – elementary paraprofessional.  The school has been cleaned and is ready to go – a special thank you to the custodial staff for their hard work.  Homework Club starts on August 21 and school picture day is scheduled for August 23.
Mr. Sickels reviewed several upcoming dates and activities.  He reported on the Jr/Sr. high school registration which was held on August 7 and 8.  Preliminary numbers show 154 students enrolled in grades 7 through 12.  He has enjoyed meeting all of the staff, students, and community members in the first couple of weeks.  We are looking forward to a great year with exciting opportunities for our students.  New staff members include Alec Hendrickson – 7th – 9th grade social studies and Jennifer Ostrowski – paraprofessional.  We also have a student teacher from Peru, Rebecca Smallfoot, in the music department.  He reported on the numbers for Fall activities: Girls Golf – 7 (4 dual sport); Cross Country – 14 (7 girls/7 boys); HS Volleyball – 20; HS Football – 26; JH Volleyball – 20; JH Football – 10; Marching Band – 34.  He also reported on the Digital Driver’s License training for grades 7 – 12.
Mr. Walker reported on the meeting he attended with the county commissioners and Mo Dept. of Transportation regarding the closing of the northbound weigh station on I-29.  He also attended a committee meeting formed by the Rock Port Alumni and representatives from the senior class as well as some parents regarding the request by the Alumni to change the date of graduation to coincide with the alumni banquet.  No decisions are ready for board consideration at this time, but he will keep the board informed of the progress.  Mr. Walker presented information from the Mo Dept. of Conservation regarding an archery program grant that may be available.
Board member Harold Lawrence discussed the upcoming solar eclipse and safety precautions, and Ken Miller presented information on the district’s present and future financial compliance.
The board then proceeded to address several items of new business.  Action was taken to adopt the Special Education Local Compliance Plan, to adopt the Rock Port R-II Reading Plan, and to approve the 2017-2018 bus routes.  The Vo-Tech transportation contract with Tarkio R-I was tabled pending a change in the route due to road construction.  Action was taken to approve the listing of DESE District Contact Personnel, to establish the 2017-2018 tuition rate at $6,110, to approve the activity admission fees at the same amounts as last year (single admission: $3-student / $4-adult; passes: $25-student / $50-adult / $100-family), and the Annual Secretary of the Board Report was approved.  Mr. Walker stated the TABS committee will be meeting monthly during the school year at 7:15 a.m. on the Tuesday following the regular board meeting.  Board members each signed up to attend different monthly meetings.  Consideration was given to bids for a new school bus with action taken to approve the bid of $80,797 from Central States Bus for a new 2018 Blue Bird, 65 passenger conventional bus.  Following a facilities safety review by MUSIC insurance, Mr. Walker stated it was found that handrails should be installed on the two center aisles of the bleachers at the football stadium.  The bids were reviewed with action tabled thus allowing time to gather more information on the proposal for installation of a half-step.
The board adjourned to executive session for student matters.  Upon returning to open session it was reported that action was taken to approve the minutes of the executive sessions of April 13, 2017, May 11, 2017, and May 17, 2017.  The meeting was then adjourned.