By Leona Ray, Recording Secretary
The group opened the new year with a salad luncheon. Betty Wennihan led everyone in prayer and all enjoyed the food and chit chat about summer events good and bad. President Judy Holtz called the meeting to order. Roll call was “I’m looking forward to.” This led to both serious and comical responses. Minutes of the previous meeting will be read at the next meeting. The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved.
Georgia Gilley suggested we go to the new restaurant (Dusty Trail) in Rock Port for the December 4 meeting. Members were also reminded not to forget to bring the $1.00 gift to this meeting.
The next meeting, October 16, is bring a guest day. Rock Port Sorosis will also be invited. Members will be inviting guests. Devon Sons will present a program on Active Shooters.
We regret to report the resigning of two of our members, Karen Rogers and Dana Osburn. They will be missed by all. Carolyn Pyeatt chose to read an article “For This One Hour” by William Arthur Ward. It was a reminder to us when we feel uncertain in our world filled with shootings, storms, and chaotic behavior we can choose our behavior; for we can be grateful, cheerful, optimistic, praying, unselfish, looking for the best in others, make someone happy, be forgiving, be generous and live in the present..Amen!!
We all enjoy a little humor and this day we had some. Barbara Jones lost her cell phone and after much searching someone suggested we call her number. Everyone enjoyed a good laugh when we heard a muffled ring coming from the inside of Georgia Gilley’s purse. After much laughter and discussion of how it happened we still trust Georgia and pray she never leaves us.
On that note, the Bon Mot was read. The group recited the Collect, and the meeting was adjourned.