elementary cheerleaders

Following the game the elementary cheerleaders showed off their new moves, with the help of the High School Cheerleaders.


Misty Robinson, Gretchen Tharp, Beth Davis, Sophia Parrish

During half time the band rocked to Jenny. Pictured are Misty Robinson, Gretchen Tharp, Beth Davis and Sophia Parrish.


Caden Linthicum

Caden Linthicum goes up and gets the interception.


Jase Hughes

Jase Hughes rolls out to his right and hits Ryan Dewhirst in the back of the end zone.


Ryan Dewhirst

Ryan Dewhirst stretches out for the catch and touchdown.


The stage was set on Friday night at Blue Jay Stadium as the Mound City Panthers traveled to Rock Port.
Both teams were undefeated and this game would decide the 275 Conference Championship.
The game played out as it was billed, a battle until the end. Mound City struck first on a deep pass from  Dylan Marrs to Matthew Poppa. Rock Port wasted no time as Gavin Abbott took the hand-off 54 yards for a touchdown. Jase Hughes’ pass to Ryan Dewhirst for the two point conversion was good. The Jays would put three more touchdowns on the board with two passes to Caden Linthicum and one to Ryan Dewhirst, before the Panthers would answer, ending the first half 28-16.
Mound City came out the second half and showed no signs of slowing down as Marrs hit Poppa on a 12 yard pass, bringing the score to 28-24.
At the end of the third quarter Jase Hughes would add another 6 points to the board making the score 34-24.
In the fourth quarter, the Panthers would put the Jays to the biggest test of the year as they scored two more times to give them the lead 34-38 with 3:26 left on the clock. As the clock clicked down to 1:23, Hughes hit Linthicum on a 27 yard pass to give the Jays the lead 40-38. The Panthers would have 1:23 to try to score again. Marrs hit Poppa once again across the middle on a fourth and long. Sophomore Alex Burke was there to defend and came up with a big hit to stop him just short of the first down, giving the Jays the ball and the win with less than a minute on the clock.


Defense Stats
Play          T    S    FF     FR    INT
Abbott       7                              1
Dewhirst    6
Ottmann    19
Brake         8
Linthicum   7                             3
Herron       3
Burke        2
Jones        1
LaHue       4
Lawrence  10                  1
Abbott        1          1
Martin        1
Clauson    4