The City of Tarkio Board of Aldermen met Wednesday, October 11, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted. Mayor Morehouse called the Public Hearing to order. Clerk Jones gave the roll call: aldermen Scott Poppa, Ed Hunkins, Mike Klosek were present and Andy Riley was absent. Others present included: Kristi McEnaney and Allison Wahrenberger with Rock Creek Wind Project; Diane Hofer, Olsson and Associates; Brooks Hurst, Gould Peterson Municipal Airport Manager; Mike Klosek Sr.; Police Chief Tyson Gibbons; Police Officer Adam Stanton; and Street Superintendent James Quimby.
Poppa made a motion to approve BILL NO 211.17, ORDINANCE NO. 198.17 and the motion was seconded and approved. Mayor Morehouse gave the second reading of BILL NO 211.17, ORDINANCE NO. 198.17. Hunkins made a motion to approve BILL NO 211.17, ORDINANCE NO. 198.17, and the motion was seconded and approved. Bill 211.17, Ordinance 198.17 was adopted.
Diane Hofer with Olsson Associates was present to give information to the board on needed improvements at Gould Peterson Airport. Diane Hofer reported that Olsson and Associates recently inspected the runway lighting at Gould Peterson Municipal Airport. Hofer reported that the cost of replacing the outdated lighting would be around $250,000 MoDOT does have funds that the airport can utilize with a 10% match. Hofer also reported there are issues with the cement in the landing strip. Clerk Jones mentioned the letter from MoDOT on an inspection done of Gould Peterson Municipal Airport this past May showed almost a third of the runway edge lights, taxiway edge and threshold lights are not working. Fixtures are missing and some are broken and others have broken lenses. Changing the threshold of the airport was also discussed. The board consensus was that they need to look into updating the lighting soon.
The aldermen approved the minutes from the regular meeting of September 6 and special meeting of September 10, 2017, as distributed. Riley came into the meeting at 6:25 p.m.
Mayor Morehouse read Bill 212.17, Ordinance 199.17. An ordinance of the City of Tarkio, Missouri, imposing a use tax for general revenue purposes at the rate of two percent (2%) for the privilege of storing, using or consuming within the City any article of tangible personal property pursuant to the authority granted by and subject to the provisions of Sections 144.600 through 144.761 RSMo; providing for the use tax to be repealed, reduced or raised in the same amount as any city sales tax is repealed, reduced or raised; and providing for submission of the proposal to the qualified voters of the City for their approval at the General Election called and to be held in the City on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Klosek made a motion to approve Bill 212.17, Ordinance 199.17. The motion and the second passed. Clerk Jones gave the second reading of Bill 212.17, Ordinance 199.17. Poppa made a motion to approve Bill 212.17, Ordinance 199.17. Bill 212.17, Ordinance 199.17 passed.
Mayor Tim Morehouse asked the aldermen to approve the appointments of Candis Stanton, Brittany Vogler, Ashley Alsup, Dustin VanGundy, Dena Wen­nihan, Donny Noland, Ashlee Driskell and Austin Baruth to the Tarkio Park Board. Poppa moved to approve the appointments of the members to the Tarkio Park Board as listed, Klosek seconded the motion. Four ayes voted to approve the appointments of the Park Board members.
The aldermen discussed raises to be given to employees. It was put in the budget for the fiscal year 2017-2018. Riley made a motion to give a 3% raise across the board to all employees. The motion and second passed.
Ed Hunkins, Tarkio Volunteer Fire Department: Hunkins reported that the Rural Fire Board is not interested in joining in an agreement with the City Fire Department.
Michael Klosek, City Buildings – Klosek spoke with Schebaum about fixing the siding on the Community Building.
Andy Riley, Street Department – Quimby gave his report on basic street maintenance being done. The hi-loader had to have a new radiator and muffler.
Scott Poppa, Parks and Pool: The new Park Board met with the Mayor and Scott and were given information.
Chief Gibbons, Police Department: Gibbons gave his report on stops and arrest. The issues with ATVs, 3-4 Wheelers and Golf Carts were discussed. Bulky trash being set at the curb side was also discussed.
Mayor Timothy Morehouse: The Mayor spoke about the lot at the corner of 3rd and Main (Walnut Inn). This property was quit claim deeded to the city by the owners. It now has weeds growing up, needs mowed, and then needs to be sowed with grass. Mike Klosek let the Mayor know that Klosek’s Trash Service will be donating grass seed.
Adam Stanton, Building Inspector: Stanton had no report.
Becky Jones, City Clerk: Jones informed the board that the department’s financials were sent as September 2017 Financials.
Riley made a motion for the meeting to be moved to closed session under Section 610.021, subsection(s) 3, RSMo. Klosek seconded the motion and it passed.
The meeting came out of executive session. Klosek made a motion to pay the outstanding bills. The motion and second passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m. The next regular meeting is November 8, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.