October 29, 1992
On October 23, the Bulldogs traveled to Mound City to face the Panthers. The Bulldogs came out with an overwhelming victory, 48-0.
“Over The Backfence” by Nancy Gaines said: “The neighbor boy came alone to the house, rang the doorbell and then asked to see Mrs. York. When Mom went to the door, this little boy gave her a hug and tears welled up in his eyes and he said, ‘I’m so sorry about Carl.’ Mom thanked him then asked him to sign the book. He printed his name just like most first graders do, then departed on his bike back home. “‘Thy will be done.’”
October 26, 1967
Deanna Bolton and Scott Hawkins were crowned Homecoming Queen and King after Friday night’s victorious football game.
Fairfax’s new downtown flagpole was put into service Monday morning and the first citizen to raise the flags was S. F. Williams, donor of the new equipment.
Many interested citizens were on hand Monday afternoon as MW William R. Denslow of Trenton, grand master of Missouri Masons, presided at the cornerstone laying at the Fairfax Community Housing complex in southeast Fairfax, a Community Betterment project.
October 30, 1942
On November 1, S.F. Williams will retire as a rural carrier out of the Fairfax Post Office after 22 years of service. His retirement is expected to cause a consolidation of rural routes out of Fairfax. The four routes may be made into three and each of the three remaining carriers will have more mileage.
Donald L. Whitham of Rock Port spent Tuesday with his aunt, Mrs. Roy Slemp in Fairfax. Donald was on the airplane carrier Wasp when it was torpedoed in September and he floated in the ocean four hours before he was picked up. He has been in the Navy two years and is a first class seaman.