Submitted by Kay Gibson

The Watson Quilters met  for some Halloween fun on Thursday night with Tammy Oakes, Makayla Oakes, Anita Armstrong, Teresa and Jim Hickok, Fran Phillips, Frances Nahkunst, Linda Viets, Donna Whelan, and Kay Gibson attending. We had great food, a few games, and a fun evening. Tammy Oakes rightfully won the best costume. She was dressed as a “sewing witch” with a black hat and a cape covered with sewing notions. She won a pumpkin, yes, of course it was sewn; it was a table topper.


A skeleton
Rattled his bones
I heard his squeals,
His moans, his groans
That spooky night of Halloween.

I saw a witch
Astride her broom
Riding the sky
Across the moon
That spooky night of Halloween.

That skeleton
A gusty gale
Made my window
Screech and wail
That spooky night of Halloween.

The witch flitted
Across the moon
Only a cloud
Spreading its gloom
That spooky night of Halloween.