The CB&T parade and costume contest was again a huge success.  They had 157 participants, despite the cold weather, and served up 224 hot dogs.

Babies to 3 years old:  1st – Nash Stevens, 2nd – Tucker Deatz, 3rd – Oliver Paris.

4 years old through Kindergarten:  1st – Colton Zach, 2nd – Lucy Ottmann, 3rd – Lincoln Jackson.

Grades 1st through 3rd: Landrey Kelly – 1st, 2nd – Grant Spiegel, 3rd – Morgan Garst. (pictured on front page of website)

Grades 4th through 6th: 1st – Claire Spiegel, 2nd – Jaymes Herron, 3rd Keira Roup.

JH-HS-Adults – Couples: 1st – Brecken Kelly, 2nd – Preston Jones, 3rd – Zeke, Gabe, Rebekah and Chris Gebhards.

$43 Grand Prize Winner: Dweni Barth.

Oliver Paris, right, had no problem with (Tony Howell) Scary Santa’s makeup.  Oliver was so excited to see Santa that he didn’t want to go to bed.

The 43rd annual CB&T Halloween Parade was held Tuesday, October 31, 2017.  Above is special guest judge Randy “Macho Man” Savage (aka Logan Pyeatt.