November 12, 1992
Nancy Gaines’ “Over The Backfence”: Weather: A shift of snow greeted you Saturday morning. In fact we have had several flurries since last week. Winter is almost here.
Winter time food at Hunters: Campbell’s cooking soups, $.69 each; Swiss Miss cocoa-mix, $1.79; and Armour Star Chili with bean, $.99.

November 9, 1967
At the homecoming football game in Craig last Friday night, Marla Schooler was crowned queen. Her attendants were Peggy Yandell, Linda Russell, Shirley Wright, and Rosemary Warner.
The regular meeting of the Fairfax Community Garden Club will be held at the Presbyterian Church parlors on Tuesday of next week, November 14, at 2 p.m. A Thanksgiving program will be presented by Mrs. Martha J. Swindler, Mrs. Grace Peters, Mrs. Edith Pearce, and Mrs. Hollis Burke, the committee in charge. The Thanksgiving arrangement of flowers will be prepared by Mrs. Helen Carter.

November 13, 1942
One of Fairfax’s oldest business buildings is being wrecked this week. S. J. Peterson, who owns the old Commercial Hotel building, has men at work tearing it down and the material will be used to construct buildings on his farm south of  Tarkio.
The Post Office Department now is starting the most gigantic task in its history, the movement of a deluge of Christmas parcels, cards and letters while maintain the regular flow of millions of pieces of mail daily to and from our armed forces all over the world.