The Rock Port Ministerial Alliance is again sponsoring the Adopt-A-family program and they can use your help.  At the present time, they have 14 children on the list. Their information is listed below.  Each of their 8 families will need a food basket, and also there are 6 elder food baskets that need filled. The list will be updated weekly through the newspaper and daily on the Rock Port United Methodist Church Facebook page.  To “adopt” one or more children, or to provide a food basket, visit the Rock Port United Methodist Church office which is open Monday- Thursday from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Church phone number is 660-744-2101.  Thank you for your help!
C2    Boy    Age 4M
M3    Boy    Age 4M
G2    Boy    Age 5M
L2    Boy    Age 1
G1    Boy    Age 3
C1    Boy    Age 5
M2    Boy    Age 5
L1    Boy    Age 6
K2    Boy    Age 7
D3    Girl    Age 7
M1    Girl    Age 8
J2    Girl    Age 8
D2    Boy    Age 10
K1    Girl    Age 10
D1    Girl    Age 11
I1    Girl    Age 13
J1    Boy    Age 13