November 19, 1992
• New U.S. Sixth District Representative Pat Danner stoppped in Tarkio on Thursday, November 19, as part of her “Thank You” tour through the Sixth District after winning the election over incumbent Tom Coleman.
• Martin and Evelyn Volker with Volker Insurance in Tarkio are retiring after 30 years of service. The Volkers plan to have some leisure time along with some farming duties in their upcoming retirement.
• By Joseph Koeberl in “Weekly Warrior”: “Three strikes, that’s an out in baseball, but how did it become to mean ‘turkey’ in bowling? The Professional Bowlers’ Association’s historian, Chuck Pezzano, explained about a sweepstake tournament that was held during Christmas and Thanksgiving. If a bowler bowled three strikes against heavier pins (usually four pounds) the crowd would scream ‘turkey’ and that bowler would receive a free turkey for their performance.”
November 16, 1967
• For the past three weeks the Tarkio College Owls have been preparing for their opening game of the 1967-68 season against the alumni Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. The alumni game will be the first official basketball game to be played in the new Schechter Auditorium Physical Education Center.
• A search is now underway for the 1967 “Employee of the Year,” a new addition to the programs of Tarkio Community Betterment. After closing of the nominations, complete data will be given to the members of the secret committee, who will then, if possible, visit places of business and observe first hand the qualifications of the nominee.
November 20, 1942
• Only 35 days until Christmas! We’ll hear, any day now, radio advertisers of dog food, fertilizers, corn cures, and whatnot, begin their annual commercializing of “silent Night, Holy Night!” and other Christmas carols. One wonders if our cherished religious music might not lose its commercial value as a result of its annual 30-day slaughter by radio’s “Jam Bands’ and “Hot-lipped Crooners.”
• Floyd Coppock is the new owner of the Linwood Hotel building, effective Monday of last week, at which time the deal was closed with the Farm and Home Loan assocation. Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Morgan, who purchased the quipment and have been operating the hotel since last September, will continue as proprietors.