The Tarkio High School Musical Theatre class proudly presents the Broadway musical “Big Fish.” Based on the book by John August and on the novel by Daniel Wallace and the Columbia motion picture written by John August, “Big Fish” includes music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa. “Big Fish” tells the larger-than-life tale of Edward Bloom, a man who leads an extraordinary life – according to the stories he tells his son, Will. But Will, who is getting married and expecting a child of his own, doesn’t think there’s any truth to the extravagant tales his father tells about meeting witches, kissing mermaids or joining the circus. He doesn’t even believe the story of how his father proposed to his mother, Sandra, in a field full of daffodils. When Edward’s health begins to decline, Will visits his father and tries one last time to find out the truth behind the tall tales. As Edward and Will’s relationship becomes increasingly strained, Will must decide whether to accept his father’s wild stories as fact or risk losing him completely.
The show will be presented in the Tarkio High School Auditorium Friday, November 17, at 7 p.m., Saturday, November 18, at 7:00 p.m., and Sunday, November 19, at 2:00 p.m. There are 29 students in the cast: Colin Joesting – Edward; Grace Martin – Sandra; Troy Wennihan – Will; Jimi Elder – Young Will; Gabby DeRosier – Josephine; Madison Ohrt – Witch/Jenny Hill; Jordan Heard – Karl the Giant; Ricky Weidenaar – Amos Calloway; Hunter Bennett – Don Price; Megan Lee – Zacky Price; Anna Lester – Dr. Bennett/Witch; Destiny Sanders – Witch/Alabama Lamb; Hannah Blank – Witch/Alabama Lamb/Mayor; Skye Clark – Mermaid/Chorus; Jae Barnett – Fisherman/Dancer/Chorus; Chloe Bruns – Dancer/Chorus; Harley Caudill – General Patterson/Chorus; Raelynn Gish – Clown/Chorus; Dixie Hendrix – Clown/ Chorus; Jamie Hendrix – Clown/Chorus; Emily Hunt – Juggler/Chorus; Kaely Kirwan – Dancer/Chorus; Anna Klute – Girl w/the Orange Cat/Chorus; Autumn Murry – Alabama Lamb/Dancer/Chorus; Selena Somerville – Lion Tamer/Chorus; Taylor Stanton – Cheerleader/Chorus; Bryli Staten – Red Fang/Chorus; Audrey Weidenaar – Scout/Chorus; Allison Yates – Dancer/Chorus. The production is under the direction of Casey Martin, Melody Barnett, and Amy Haddock. Tickets are now on sale for $10 (adults) and $5 (students) in the Tarkio High School Superintendent’s office.