The children in Ms. Amy’s and Ms. Katie’s classes gave their detailed description of how their families’ turkey would be prepared. Enjoy!
Haleena: my mom don’t really know. On hot. Eat!
Bryan: Put him on the stove, turn it on. Cook it for a lot of time. Blow it off and cut into pieces for everyone.
Mark: cook it til done.
Emma: Get your turkey from the woods. Turn the heat up on the stove to 1,2,3, 4,5, 6. I cook my turkey 1 minute. I eat my turkey on a sandwich.
Raelynn: Get a turkey from the fridge. Mom keeps them there. Put it on top of the stove. Leave it to cook for 20 minutes. The stove should be really hot. You can’t touch the stove because you will get burned. Then get it out. Then you can start eating it when it’s not hot. But I don’t like turkey. It’s yucky.
Deveni: Get a turkey in the store.  Cook it at home on the stove. Put it in a pan. The turkey goes by itself. Don’t put anything on it. The stove should be really hot.
Caroline: Get a turkey at the store….the Tarkio store.  It has an e, and e and an s.  First put it in the oven with pepperoni and sauce. The oven needs to be hot and cold for 10 minutes for very hot. Then eat it.
Eli: Get a turkey at the woods. Cut him in half. Put him on the stove. Put some sauce on him. The stove should be really really hot like 14. It should cook for 2 minutes. Put sauce on it again. Then eat it.
Trevelyan: Go to the woods and get a turkey with the bow. Shoot it. Push the trigger. Put the turkey on the grill outside.  Add ketchup and mustard. Mix the ketchup and mustard up and put it on the turkey. Cook the turkey for 3 hours. The grill needs to be on fire.  Then slice the turkey up and eat it.
Gabriel: Get a turkey out of a tree. Hit it with a hammer. Put it in a pot. Cook it on the stove fore 30 hours.
Ashyr: Get the turkey from the woods. Cut it – cut the head and skin off then we put it in a big pan and put it in the oven.  The oven has to be this hot….like 10…for 5 minutes.  Then take it out and eat it.
Jossalyn: Get a turkey from the woods. Put him in a cage. Then put him in water. Put him in the oven when he starts to get icy. Cook him for 3 hours at 1 degree. Then put him on top of a pizza. Then eat!
Joci: Get a turkey at Wal Mart. Put it in the oven in a pan. Cook it for 1 minute. The oven should be really hot like number 10. Then it’s done and you eat it.
Victor: Get the turkey from the barn.  Take it out and shoot it. Don’t let it fly away. We can use grandma’s gun. Put the turkey on my stove with some hot sauce on him. Cook it from more and more and more and more on really really hot. Then you eat and eat and eat it.
Tucker: First go to the woods and get a turkey. Put it in a pan and cook it. Put hot dogs in it. Cook it at home on the stove for 1 minute at 1 degree. Then eat it.