Submitted By Leona Ray, Recording Secretary
Fairfax  Sorosis met November 20, 2017, at the Methodist Church. President Judy Holtz called the meeting to order. She introduced Gail Heitman, who presented a program on Senior Solutions. Gail explained the program and its purpose. It is designed to help provide extra support to seniors. It has been successful and they are hoping to expand it. We are fortunate to have programs like this in our rural area. Thanks to Gail for helping us understand what they provide and how we can be involved.
After the program, everyone enjoyed dessert served by hostess Georgia Gilley. Our roll call was “A Joy of Aging.” We laughed and looked past our obvious aches and pains to remember family, warm homes, food on the table and friends to be with and share an afternoon.
The minutes of the previous meeting and the treasurer’s report were given and approved. Judy thanked everyone for bringing food for the Food Pantry.
The next meeting is December 4 with Georgia doing the program. We will do our dollar gift exchange at this meeting. There being no more business to discuss, the Bon Mot and Collect were read and the meeting was adjourned.