Fairfax students were recently honored for their high scores on the Terra Nova tests and MAP tests this past year.

Fairfax R-3 students were honored at a testing awards assembly Tuesday, November 21, 2017. Many kids received awards for high scores in the Terra Nova test (grades K-2) and the MAP test (grades 3-10). To receive a gold medal, students had to have scored “advanced” in all areas they tested. To receive a silver medal, students had to have scored “proficient” or higher in all areas they tested. Recipients included:
Silver Medals – Piper Morris, Chloe Vernon, Cyle Gilpin, Austin Helfers, Joaquin Hill, KayDee Duering, Kendall Kingery, Lillie Mason, Cowen O’Riley, Grace Oswald, Blake Simmons, Luke Swinhart, Collin Hedlund, Jasey Smith, Sadie Williams, Caden Brown, Cameron Oswald, Georgia Swinehart, Charlie Litherbury, Raegan Crowley, Jaecey Hill, Carter Holecek, Hayley Palmer, Joshua Smith, Stormie Wallace, Kaden Cooper, Ian Hedlund, Gena Mitchell, Luke Roberson, Nick Hardisty, Cole Miller, Bennett Bowling, Treyton Bowling, Wyatt Burke, Jaycee Graves, Jesse Graves, Dillan Palmer, Tyler Brown, Zachery Garrison, Shanna Gilpin, Max Hopkins, and Shelbey Morris
Gold Medals – Mason Kingery, Tate Johnson, Clayton Vernon, Trenton Kingery, Braden Graves, Natalie Hed­­lund, Camryn Holecek, Hayden Riley, Cody Frohn, Haley Garrison, Olivia Morris, and Oliver Smith