All-Tournament Teams

The 59th Annual Mound City Invitational Basketball Tournament All-Tournament Teams included, from left to right: front row – Jaycee Graves, Kelcie Gaines, Victoria Nauman, and Kameron Freemyer; and back row – TJ Mitchell, Tucker Schwebach, Landon Poppa, Matthew Poppa, Evan Elam, and Caden Linthicum. Not pictured are Kristin Herndon, Virginia Kruse, Elizabeth Kruse, and Gage McAdams.


Rock Port Blue Jays Boys Basketball

The Rock Port Blue Jays placed 2nd in the 59th Annual Mound City Invitational Basketball Tournament. Pictured are team members, from left to right: front row – Jack Raison, Trey Peshek, Ayden Wilroy, Ethan Brumbaugh, Gabe Minter, Brock Martin, and Joey Herron; and back row – Coach Shawn Shineman, Aaron Lawrence, Jase Hughes, Alex Burke, Ryan Dewhirst, Kalen LaHue, Caden Linthicum, Evan Elam, and Assistant Coach Ethan Sickels.


 East Atchison Lady Wolves Basketball

The East Atchison Lady Wolves placed 3rd in the 59th Annual Mound City Invitational Basketball Tournament. Pictured are team members, from left to right: front row – Lily Graves, Grace Martin, Mercedes Parshall, Madison Ohrt, Kaely Kirwan, Jesse Graves, and Shelbey Morris; and back row – Kilea Cooper, Kinley Thornhill, Tawni Martin, Chloe Bruns, Jaycee Graves, and Morgan Parshall.


Jase Hughes

Jase Hughes eyes the basket.


Mercedes Parshall

Mercedes Parshall takes the ball down the court.


Ian Hedlund

Ian Hedlund looks for the open man.


Catyn Chamberlain

Catyn Chamberlain drives the lane.


The 59th Annual Mound City Invitational Basketball Tournament was played last week, with high school teams going head to head for the chance to be named champion.
The East Atchison Lady Wolves won their first game against South Holt 72-28. Jaycee Graves was on fire, scoring 31 of EA’s points. Other scorers included Morgan Parshall with eight, Kilea Cooper with seven (one three-pointer), Mercedes Parshall with six (two three-pointers), Kaely Kirwan, Chloe Bruns, and Kinley Thornhill with four each, Tawni Martin and Lily Graves with three each, and Grace Martin with two.


The East Atchison Wolves competed against North Nodaway on Tuesday, November 28. EA won the game 45-31. Gage McAdams led the Wolves with 15 points (one three-pointer), followed by Jake McEnaney with 11 points (one three-pointer), Colin Joesting with nine (one three-pointer), Garrett Meyer with six, Shae DeRosier with two, and Ian Hedlund and Tyler Brown with one point each.

The Lady Wolves competed against Northland Christian on November 29. EA lost the game 31-49. Jaycee Graves led the Lady Wolves with 20 points, followed by Kilea Cooper with six, Mercedes Parshall and Morgan Parshall with two each, and Grace Martin with one.

The Wolves played against Mound City Wednesday, November 29. The Wolves lost the game 49-55. Garrett Meyer, Jake McEnaney, and Gage McAdams all led the Wolves’ scoring with 11 points each (McEnaney and McAdams each had one three-pointer). Colin Joesting had 10 points (one three-pointer), Shae DeRosier added four and Kaden Cooper added two.

The Lady Wolves competed in the third place game against North Nodaway Saturday, December 2. EA won the contest 53-43. Kilea Cooper and Jaycee Graves led the Lady Wolves with 15 points each (Kilea had two three pointers). Lily Graves added eight, Morgan Parshall added seven (one three-pointer), Mercedes Parshall and Tawni Martin (one three-pointer) had three points each, and Madison Ohrt and Kinley Thornhill had one point each.

The Wolves also competed for third place, but ultimately lost the contest against South Holt with a final score of 25-39 Friday, December 1, 2017. Ian Hedlund led the Wolves with nine points, followed by Gage McAdams with eight, Jake McEnaney with five (one-three pointer), Max Hopkins with two, and Tyler Brown with one.

The Rock Port Lady Blue Jays competed against North Nodaway November 28. The Lady Jays lost the game 30-32. Stats for Rock Port include: points – Baucom 12, Gaines 8, Skillen 5, Chamberlain 2, McMahon 2, and Farmer 1; rebounds – Farmer 6, Davis 1, Skillen 4, Gaines 5, Chamberlain 3, McMahon 11, and Baucom 15; steals – Farmer 4, Gaines 1, Chamberlain 2, and Baucom 1; assists – Farmer 3, Skillen 2, Gaines 2, and Chamberlain 3; and charges drawn – Gaines 1.

Rock Port Lady Jays defeated Nodaway-Holt on Thursday, November 30, with a final score of 54-35. Stats for Rock Port include: points – Gaines 27, Farmer 2, Davis 2, Skillen 5, Chamberlain 9, McMahon 2, and Baucom 7; rebounds – Vogler 1, Farmer 1, Davis 2, Skillen 5, Gaines 4, Chamberlain 5, McMahon 11, Baucom 4, Lucas 1, and Lager 1; steals – Farmer 2, Davis 1, Gaines 1, Chamberlain 5, McMahon 2, and Baucom 1; assists – Davis 1, Skillen 3, Gaines 2, Chamberlain 7, and McMahon 2.

The win put the Rock Port Lady Jays in the 5th place game against South Holt. Rock Port won the contest 43-19. Stats for Rock Port include: points – Gaines 20, Vogler 2, Skillen 4, Chamberlain 5, McMahon 7, Baucom 4, and Lager 1; rebounds – Farmer 5, Davis 1, Skillen 5, Gaines 9, Chamberlain 2, McMahon 6, Baucom 4, Lucas 1, and Lager 1; steals – Davis 1, Skillen 2, Gaines 3, Chamberlain 1, McMahon 1, and Baucom 3; assists – Farmer 2, Gaines 5, Chamberlain 3, McMahon 1, and Baucom 1; and charges drawn – Gaines 1.

The Rock Port boys defeated Northland Christian 66-37 in their first game of the tournament November 28. Caden Linthicum led with Jays with 26 points (one three-pointer), followed by Ryan Dewhirst with 16 (one three-pointer), Evan Elam with 13, Alex Burke with 5, Jase Hughes with four, and Kalen LaHue with two.

The Jays then competed against South Holt, winning 52-44 on November 30. Caden Linthicum led Rock Port with 28 points (one three-pointer), followed by Evan Elam with nine, Ryan Dewhirst with seven, Alex Burke with four, and Gabe Minter and Jase Hughes with two each.

The win put the Jays in the championship game against Mound City. Rock Port lost the game 37-41. Evan Elam led the Jays with 12 points, followed by Ryan Dewhirst with eight (one three-pointer), Jase Hughes with seven (one three-pointer), Alex Burke with six (one three-pointer), and Caden Linthicum with four.

The 15th Annual Mound City Invitational All-Tournament team was sponsored by the family of Junior and Betty Yocum. Junior and Betty loved watching athletes excel using the talents with which God had blessed them. To them, there was nothing more exciting than to see a group of basketball players pushing themselves to be their best.

The All-Tournament team blends their loves of young people and the sport of basketball. Seven young men and seven young ladies, who, during the Mound City Tournament, showed exemplary skill and sportsmanship, were been selected to be a part of this team.

The 2017 All-Tournament Ladies’ team consists of: Kelcie Gaines – Rock Port; Virginia Kruse – Northland Christian; Kameron Freemyer – Mound City; Tess Phillips – Mound City; Kristin Herndon – North Nodaway; Elizabeth Kruse – Northland Christian; and Jaycee Graves – East Atchison.

The 2017 All-Tournament Men’s team consists of: TJ Mitchell – South Holt; Tucker Schwebach – Nodaway-Holt; Gage McAdams – East Atchison; Evan Elam – Rock Port; Landon Poppa – Mound City; Caden Linthicum – Rock Port; and Matthew Poppa – Mound City.