The Kids’ Korner Tarkio R-I Preschoolers performed their Winter Program for family members Monday evening, December 4, 2017, in the Tarkio High School Auditorium. The students sang “Snowflakes, Snowflakes Falling Down,” “The Christmas Action,” “Christmas Time is Here,” “Hurry, Hurry,” “Must be Santa,” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas.” Participants included Raiden Baruth, Mame Dow, Charlee Duran, Jenna Gebhards, Andrew Gladman, Vera Hale, Jasper Harbin, Linley Hogue, Landry Hurst, Eli Lundy, Cayson Martin, Jasper Navin, Kenisyn Noland, Jorja Peregrine, Treyven Holbrook, Katie Smith, Mikayla Smith, and Lyla Walker.