Before I became involved in city government, I had no idea the importance potholes played in the lives of our citizenry. I would only hope that the issues and obstacles in our personal lives and our community were met with similar vigilance.
If you think about it, your street technically connects with all streets, much like your life has a symbiotic connection with everyone else in town and, in essence, the world.
The bumpy roads in our lives are usually overcome by patience, perseverance, prayer, and the ability to pave over the “potholes” of our past.
This  holiday season, look beyond your street. Look up from your phone, computer, and television. Look at what you have, not at what you don’t have. Look up an old friend or family member and just share some time. And perchance, look around and realize it’s not just about you.
Happy Holidays & God Bless
Chris Chamberlain