Santa looks good in a cowboy hat.  The question was would Santa come through on Christmas?

(Dwight) Izac Hurst an elf, steps up to the microphone to say his lines during the holiday program.


The first graders join in the singing of one of the all company songs during “Santa’s Holiday Hoedown”.


The second graders sure knew the words and actions to the songs.


The Little Jays’ Preschool Holiday Program was held on December 11, 2017.  The Little Jays practiced singing and dancing.  The night of the program they were ready with four songs including: “Winter Mittens Colors”, Jingle Bells Opposites”, The Reindeer Pokey” and The Christmas Action Song”.  They did a wonderful job for the crowd of parents, teachers and friends.
Half Day Preschool includes: Abilene Moore, Bertie Meyerkorth, Daxxyn Moore, Eli Meyerkorth, Elli Moreno, Frank Kroeger, Grant Miller-Unruh, Jakleigh Burke, Kamryn Lair, Kinsley Nuckolls, Lucy Ottmann, Nash Schomburg, Piper McKenney, Raeylynn Stoner, Fenix Green and Greyson Sperber.
Full Day Preschool includes: Ali Ellis, Andy Meyerkorth, Anthony Masonbrink, Caisyn Hall, Cy Vogler, Elaina Kroeger, Ethan Hunter, Harper Roup, Isaac Dougherty, Jack Bailey, Kambrie Driskell, Kipton Waigand, Locke Chaney, Mason Hale, Nishtha Patel, Piper Lotter, Rogan McCown and Taylor Cook.
The Rock Port K-3 Elementary studens presented “Santa’s Holiday Hoedown” on December 11, 2017.  The program was directed by Lynn Hunter with Student Teacher Rebecca Smallfoot.
Song included in “Santa’s Holiday Hoedown” were: “Goin’ To Branson” by the entire company, “We’re Not Reindeer”  by soloists: Brylea Shrader and  Desmond Chaney, “Layin’ It All on the Line” by soloist: Audrey Dougherty, “Elves Lives” by the entire company, “Will Santa Come Through?” by the entire company and “Santa’s Holiday Hoedown” by the entire company.
Cast of characters in “Santa’s Holiday Hoedown” were:
(Santa) Jadyn Geib, (Mrs. Claus) Claire Miller, (Yoakum) Jack Meyerkorth, (Dwight) Izac Hurst, (Garth) Corbin Wallace, (Brooks) Sophie Storm, (Vince) Gabe Gebhards, (Gill) Justin Kuhns, (Reba) Lily Lager, (McIntire) Ally Sharpless, (Billy Ray) Brock Sebek Holmes, (Cyrus) Jordan Kuhns, (Mary) Morgan Garst, (Chapin) Maddie Cox, (Carpenter) Lily Wilroy, (Wynonna) Landrey Kelly, (Judd) Dayton Hays, (Tex Glitter) Westyn Amthor, (Roadie Valet) Tatum Vogler, (Dolly Holiday) Audrey Dougherty, (Minnie Pearl) Savannnah Lay, (Rudolph) Desmond Chaney, (Vixen) Braidyn Buckner, (Prancer) Mya Welch, (Dancer) Brylea Shrader and (Donner) Chase Gayler.
The names of the cast and singers for this holiday event include: Second Grade: Talyn Amthor, Brandon Athen, Jayden Barbee, Alyssa Brion, Cooper Daugherty, Logan Ellis, Reid Ellis, Jessa Geib, John Gillem, Ryzer Hale, Greyson Henning, Blake Herron, Jaysen Hudson, Rylan Hunter, Wyatt Huntley, Raylynn Jenkins, Stella Johnson, Jaylynn Jones, Kinley Lair, Tennyson Lansdown, Levi Lucas, Henley Mace, Bryna McEnaney, Audrie Meyerkorth, Bobbie Reyes, Olivia Roup, Lilyan Shineman, Aidan Smyser, Bentley Teten, Cole White, and Zoey Zach.  First Grade: Grady Cook, Eli Cox, Stevie Gaines, Ellie Garst, Malayna Gibson, Ona Henriksen, Reese Herron, Jayven Hudson, Isabella Kroeger, Chevy Lay, Rush Lewis, Jaecy-Mae Makings, Remington Mathews, Rozlyn McCown, Jacob McMahon, Leah Meyerkorth, Holdyn Moore, Tenley Peshek, Katelynn Rouse,     Hunter Shearer Bolin, Isaac Shimmel, Grant Spiegel,     Alexi Stoner, Tristan Struthers, Adrianna Wallace, Anna Weber and Madison Wilroy. and Kindergarten: Chord Christians, Briar Daugherty, Kenni Davis, Malachi Davis, Zeke Gebhards, Alex Gibson, Cooper Gibson, Emoree Green, Jaxson Hale, Clara Hays, Lincoln Jackson, Jack Lotter, Jadyn Jakub, JoMichael Reyes, Archer Meyerkorth, Paisley Moore, Mauve Roup, Avery Schomburg, Ryan Sharpless and Tara Wamsley.