December 24, 1992
• Letters to Santa: “Hi Santa, My name is Cody David Joesting. I am only one year old, so I would really like just about anything. I do like green tractors, toys to ride on and maybe a Fisher Price Farm Set would be fun. Daddy and Mommy said that I have been a good boy most of the time this year. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.” “Santa, North Pole, Robot, Police Stuff, Lots of Stuff. David McEnaney.”
December 21, 1967
• Mr. Stanley R. Mertz of Tarkio has been appointed Recorder at Tarkio College. Mr. Mertz began his duties at the College December 11.
• At a Christmas Tea at the Community Building in Tarkio Thursday, December 7, at 2 p.m., officers of the Atchison County Women’s Home Economics Extension Club Council for 1968 were installed. More than 100 people were present for the installation. Officers are: Mrs. James Frede, Rock Port, president; Mrs. Dale Faulkner, Tarkio, vice-president; Mrs. Keith Bolton, Tarkio, secretary; Mrs. Ralph Chambers, Tarkio, treasurer; Mrs. Ted Nixon, Tarkio, reporter; and Mrs. Irvin Huffman, Tarkio, historian.
December 25, 1942
• The Boy Scouts held their meeting at the high school gymnasium last Monday night with 22 members present. Due to the disagreeable weather, most of the country boys were unable to attend, making it difficult to hold the basketball games as scheduled. However, the troop was divided into two classes with the big boys playing the smaller fellows.
• Mr. Foster is very proud of his new daughter. The Agriculture boys wanted a cigar, but Mr. Foster says he can’t find any in town. In F.F.A. meeting, he finally treated the 27 members present to a candy bar each.