By Leona Ray Recording Secretary
We all gathered at Trail’s End, a favorite of several of the members. Those of us who were able to make it enjoyed our lunch and an afternoon of fun. The food was delicious and while we were eating we shared many stories about our busy lives. Our Christmas wish is for good health, good friends, and joy in this chaotic world where we live.
No business was discussed, but we did do our Roll Call: “The Present I loved best in my youth.” Thinking of past Christmases brought both laughter and tears. We then had our gift exchange. It’s always fun to see what you can  get for a $1.00 these days.
One gift didn’t cost a dollar so the quick thinking giver put in a dime to make up the difference. We’d give her a Gold Star, but we don’t put names on the gifts. Ha!!
Georgia’s program was a cute joke about having Wise Women instead of Wise Men in the Christmas Story. She said a woman would have: asked for directions, arrived on time, helped to deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, and made a casserole. AMEN!! She finished our afternoon by digging in her bottomless purse for the meal ticket. We all laughed as she dumped the contents on the table. Our first thought was that it could have been any one of us and Yes, we did get a picture for the scrap book.