Submitted by Kay Gibson

Finally, the Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Teresa and Jim Hickok, Linda Viets, Francis Nahkunst, Fran Phillips, Anita Armstrong, Donna Whelan, Tami Oakes, Makayla Oakes, and Kay Gibson attending. We mostly caught up on news since it had been so long since we met. Donna Whelan was the first one of the quilters to finish her “Mystery Quilt.” It was a beautiful one, too. The past year, Tami Oakes had given us, each month, a chapter of her mystery story that had quilt blocks in it. The patterns for these blocks were also included. Tami made up the story and  incorporated the blocks in it. It was a fun mystery story and we have to make these blocks into a quilt.
The Watson Quilters would also like to thank Tim Whelan for scooping the sidewalks for us quilters.