Farmer City 4-Hers who helped make goodie bags included, from left to right: front row – Teahen Hannah, Josh Schlueter, Harper Wood, and Jaylee Wood; middle row – Jillian Hannah; and back row – Braylyn Wood, Brooke Lee, RyAnne Herron, Jaymes Herron, Gabe Harms, and Abbie Harms.

Submitted by Lizzie Schlueter, Farmer City 4-H Reporter

This month the Farmer City 4-H’s service project was to make goodie bags. These goodie bags are for someone special or someone who did something nice for you. Some examples might be, your friend, family, teacher, postman or even your bus driver. These goodie bags include a new pen, a granola bar, a couple of peppermints and a chocolate. We all hope you get one.