State Rep. Allen Andrews will lead the efforts of the Missouri House of Representatives as it seeks to create policies that promote small business growth and job creation. Andrews will now serve as the chairman of the House Special Committee on Small Business.
Andrews was selected by House Speaker Todd Richardson to chair the committee for the remainder of the 99th General Assembly. Andrews previously served as vice chair of the committee and takes over for the previous chairman, state Rep. John McCaherty, who resigned from office last year.
“I have learned a great deal as vice chair and through my work with Rep. McCaherty. This is knowledge and experience I am confident I can utilize to successfully lead this committee as we look at some of the most pressing issues facing our small businesses,” said Andrews, R-Grant City, who owns and operates his own small business.
“I know one of the areas my colleagues and I believe we can address this session deals with the red tape and regulations that can too often stifle business growth. We need to carefully review the regulations we have in place to ensure they are creating a level and fair playing field without being overly intrusive.”
As chair of the Small Business Committee, Andrews will work closely with his committee members to review and improve the pieces of legislation presented to the committee. Andrews will run the committee hearings and be responsible for all pieces of legislation that pass through his committee.
Andrews also serves as chair of the Subcommittee on Student Debt Relief and as vice chair of the House Subcommittee on Appropriations – Education. He also is a member of the House Budget Committee and the House Higher Education Committee.