A group of Tarkio sixth grade students recently toured the KMTV3 news station in Omaha. Anchor Emily Szink, back middle, is pictured with students, from left to right, Alex Barnett, Hadyn Liechti, Ian Stepp, Emmy Laur, Jersi Poppa, Brooklyn Wennihan, Claire Martin, Tommi Lee Martin, Jozee Eaton, and Alexis Bywater.  (Photo By Cindy Rolf)


A group of Tarkio sixth grade students recently toured the WOWT news station in Omaha. The students have been making their own news broadcasts as part of the Tarkio Elementary’s daily announcements. Pictured with student Claire Martin is news anchor Jordan Shefte.  (Photo By Cindy Rolf)

Crew members of TES Television, Tarkio Elementary’s morning announcement network, took a field trip to Omaha, Nebraska, to tour KMTV Channel 3 and WOWT Channel 6 news stations. Mrs. Cindy Rolf, Tarkio Elementary Innovations Teacher, sponsored the students. The students included Alex Barnett, Alexis Bywater, Jozee Eaton, Emmy Laur, Hadyn Liechti, Claire Martin, Tommi Lee Martin, Jersi Poppa, Ian Stepp, and Brooklyn Wennihan.
The young stars began broadcasting their own news at Tarkio Elementary on November 20 of last year as part of the school’s daily announcements. The kids create their own show then put it on Youtube so that students in each classroom can view the broadcast.
For their field trip, the kids were able to tour the two Omaha news stations, meeting news reporters, anchors, photographers, and camera crew and recorded announcements on set. KMTV 3 even did a news story on the students, which aired Friday, February 2. Teacher Cindy Rolf said the trip was an incredible experience for the students and the news crew was extremely friendly and welcoming to all.