Submitted by Bob Hughes

The board of directors of Tarkio College is continuing to present the case for certification with the Missouri Department of Higher Education. After several highly productive interactions, Tar­kio College will modify its application to add some technical and trade programs. That added submission will occur during February. The added information sought by the MDHE will be submitted along with the modified schedule. The process has been successful and enlightening, with the MDHE working alongside Tarkio College.
In an effort to make Tarkio College relevant to the community and an asset to the area it was decided that technical classes would be added to help meet the demand for a trained work force. While no final decision has been made the board is considering windmill technician training, medical laboratory technician training, as well as welding, HVAC and Electronics. A final decision will be made in the near future.
An international energy company, with significant interests in Northwest Missouri, met with the board of directors of Tarkio College to ascertain if and how they might interact with Tarkio College. The meetings were amazingly productive, providing all who attended a burst of optimism.
The Steering Committee, headed by the Rev. Pearson and supported by educator John Davis and others, will become more aggressive in establishing close ties to the community and the local school districts. All members of that committee will actively search for common ground with businesses, government agencies and schools systems to encourage active participation and to actively seek input into the process.