The Commission met Thursday, February 15, 2018. Present were: Presiding Commissioner Curtis Livengood, North District Commissioner Jim Quimby, South District Commissioner Richard Burke, and Susette Taylor, Clerk of the Commission.
Presiding Commissioner Livengood called the meeting to order.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.
Bills were reviewed, approved and ordered paid.
Sean McGonigle, Risk Manager for the MAC Trust Workers’ Compensation, stopped in to visit with the commission and presented information and a list of the 2018 online university courses. These online courses are used by the Sheriff’s Department to complete required training at no additional cost to the county as part of MAC services.
Road and Bridge Supervisor Adam Meyer was in to discuss the purchase of a new road grader and a new excavator. He said he would like to use the state bid specification on both. The commissioners agreed to have him get the state quotes for their review. No further action was taken as this time. Additional bid openings for a mower, crane and a dump truck were set for Tuesday, March 20. Supervisor Meyer will prepare specifications and bid advertisements.
There being no further business, the commission adjourned.