Jorja Peregrine, the daugh­ter of Brandon and Jennifer, is a 3 year old attending Kids’ Korner for the first time this year. Some of her favorites include: blue and purple, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, and anything from the book to the movie Frozen. So naturally her favorite song is “Let It Go”. While at preschool Jorja enjoys playing with blocks, Playdough and baby dolls. If Jorja can go anywhere she likes going to Rays’ Dairy Diner in Fairfax to visit her grandparents (who own the restaurant). The Dairy Diner will be opening sometime after the first of April!


Treyven Holbrook, the son of Dalton and Alysia, is a 4 year old attending Kids’ Korner for the second year. Treyven enjoys the color blue, peas, Llama Llama books and the Mickey Mouse song. His favorite part of preschool is center time where he enjoys building with magnetic blocks and playing with dinosaurs. When it is summer time Treyven enjoys spending time at the pool! Hurry up summer!