The Rock Port Board of Aldermen met at Rock Port City Hall February 21, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. with Mayor Chris Chamberlain presiding. Board members present were Ron Deatz, Tim Taylor, Lavon Paukert, and Todd Stevens. Also present were Utility Clerk Terri McGuire, City Superintendent Trevor Hale, Chief of Police Shannon Sherwood, Deputy Clerk Emily Schulte and City Clerk Ashtin Paris. Visitors were Michael Goins, Dale Dickkut, Jody VanSickle and Randy Friesen.
Mayor Chamberlain called the meeting to order.
Taylor moved to add Business item d: Approve revision to cost-share sidewalk program to the agenda and to approve the meeting agenda. Paukert seconded. All votes aye.
Deatz moved to approve the January 17, 2018, meeting minutes. Paukert seconded. All votes aye.
Craig Walker, Rock Port Superintendent, is interested in presenting on the walking trail grant. Mr. Walker will send more details for the cost-sharing opportunity as they’re available.
Michael Goins of Midwest Data Center and Dale Dickkut discussed the building at 301 S. Main Street. Midwest Data Center would be interested in contributing to the demolition of the building. Mr. Dickkut went through the building and noted many issues, but stated, in his opinion, it could be brought back if the right person were to purchase it.
Jody VanSickle expressed interest in renting the city-owned property by the water plant for his tow lot. He would install a privacy fence and would maintain the property. Superintendent Hale will speak with DNR regarding possible limitations.
Taylor moved to approve the City financial statements, accounts payables, tax report, delinquent tax list, and all board and departmental reports. Paukert seconded. All votes aye.
Paukert moved to approve the utility financial statements, accounts payables, purchased power and water statements, take or pay water use report, water loss reports, Utility Clerk report and City Superintendent report. Deatz seconded. All votes aye.
Resolution 2018-01 Authorizing the Mayor to execute work orders pursuant to the master agreement between the City of Rock Port and Olsson Associates in regards to the sanitary sewer system was discussed. Superintendent Hale gave an overview on the proposed work orders and it was decided to negotiate the cost of the work orders. Stevens moved to approve Resolution 2018-01 following cost negotiation. Taylor seconded. All votes aye.
The board discussed pursuing contract terms for land transfer to Brian Kelly. The city will request that Mr. Kelly submit an offer to be considered at the March meeting.
Employee job descriptions, job titles and developing a pay scale were discussed. Requests for proposals from consulting agencies could be sent out for bid. Inquiries could also be made with MML and other neighboring, similar capacity, communities for other possible resources. Stevens moved to send out RFPs for consulting services. Paukert seconded. All votes aye.
An inquiry was made regarding a variance to the cost-share sidewalk program allowing the city to pay for the material costs instead of providing labor during busy times. Stevens moved to approve a variance to the cost-share sidewalk program allowing the city to offer payment assistance for materials in lieu of labor on a case-by-case basis. Deatz seconded. All votes aye.
Chief of Police Shannon Sherwood reported the Rock Port Police Department issued 401 new case numbers, 57 reports were written, 17 assists with other agencies, and the removal of four junk vehicles during the month of January. Chief Sherwood also informed the board that their new patrol car would be arriving in about 12 weeks.
City Clerk Ashtin Paris discussed ideas of a retirement dinner for Judge Patrick McLaughlin. She also mentioned changes in the way the city will be documenting and presenting the tax revenue.
City Superintendent Trevor Hale reported they have been hauling a large amount of sand and chat in response to all of the ice and snow in recent weeks. Ice has continued to be an issue, but they’re containing it as best they can with their resources. The city’s concrete breaker is also in need of replacement. The current equipment has had to be rebuilt every spring for several years. He has obtained quotes for the new equipment and requested a trade-in quote for the old equipment.
Superintendent Hale informed the Board that they have had eight water leaks so far this year. The city is seeing a lot of issues with pipes, sidewalks, and roads due to the low temperatures and lack of moisture in the ground. Hale also reported that the new lift pump for the I-29 lift station was received and is scheduled for installation.
Utility Clerk Terri McGuire requested to wait for approval from DNR to lease the city-owned property by the water plant prior to contacting City Attorney Dan Smith to draft a lease agreement. In regards to the property at 301 S. Main Street, Utility Clerk McGuire requested MIRMA be contacted about the city’s liability.
It was brought to Alderman Deatz’s attention that the street light by the corner of Nebraska and Calhoun was removed during construction and never replaced. It was stated that replacement lighting was the responsibility of the school. Superintendent Hale stated that he would get with the school to help them resolve the issue.
Alderman Deatz also inquired if the city is going to study the cost effectiveness of LED street lights at any point. Superintendent Hale informed the board studies have already been done and this will possibly be a new project once the electrical upgrade is completed.
Mayor Chris Chamberlain informed the Board he had recently discussed a city-wide cleanup day for the near future with Brian Kelly.
Mayor Chamberlain also spoke with Bart Collins regarding a previous proposal to bring a Dollar General store to Rock Port. They would require an acre for their building and parking lot. Mayor Chamberlain will contact Mr. Collins and request he contact City Hall concerning an updated proposal and attendance at the next Board of Aldermen meeting.
Additionally, Mayor Chamberlain spoke about discussions with MoDOT and the speed concern near I-29. MoDOT had mentioned possibly bringing the limit down to 40, but they wanted to let the city know we are also due to receive new reflective signage which might help address the speed and accident issues as well.
Paukert moved to adjourn. Taylor seconded. All votes aye.