The Tarkio Board of Aldermen met at City Hall Wednesday, February 14, 2018. Mayor Tim Morehouse called the Public Hearing to order on vacating Chestnut Street east of 1st Street. Tarkio City Clerk Becky Jones did a visual roll call. Mike Klosek, Sr. asked the board if they would consider closing Chestnut Street east of 1st Street at the previous meeting of the board. Tommy and Blu Dow and John Driskell, adjacent landowners, were present to ask questions and give their concerns on closing the street. The second hearing was for Brian and Darci Morey’s request to allow them to add an addition to the home, five feet closer to the street than allowed. Tommy Dow was present to discuss their request. There is presently a porch the same distance as the request to build an addition. The laws have changed on building setbacks since the porch was built onto this home. The Public Hearing was closed.
Mayor Morehouse called the regular meeting to order. Roll call was taken and aldermen Scott Poppa, Andy Riley, and Mike Klosek, Jr. were present; alderman Ed Hunkins was absent. Also present at the meeting were Tarkio City Clerk Becky Jones, Police Chief Tyson Gibbons, Police Officer Ad­am Stanton, Tarkio Street Superintendent Jamie Quim­by, Building Inspector Jesse Payne, Megan McAdams, Tommy Dow, Blu Dow, Dustin VanGundy, Jim Bob Barker, John Driskell, John Driskell Jr., Mike Klosek Sr., Anna Mae Klosek, Mike Klosek III, Austin Baruth, and Brittany Vogler.
The minutes of the January 10, 2018, regular meeting and January 13, 2018, special meeting were approved as distributed. An addition to the agenda was made to discuss the Walnut Inn lots. Visitors made their announcements. Jim Bob Barker asked for a continuance to get his property on N. 7th Street torn down. The board informed him he needed to get a letter from the company taking the building down and bring it into City Hall.
Filings were closed January 16, 2018, for the April 3 General Election for the positions of Mayor, North Ward Alderman, and South Ward Alderman. Michael Klosek, Jr. filed for South Ward, Timothy Morehouse filed for Mayor, and Blu Dow filed for North Ward.
Bill 216.18, Ordinance 202.18, an agreement with Olsson & Associates for the lighting project at the Gould Peterson Municipal Airport was discussed. The board voted to approve Bill 216.18, Ordinance 202.18. Mayor Morehouse gave the second reading of Bill 216.18, Ordinance 202.18. The board voted to approve.
The bids for the 1991 Elgin street sweeper were opened. Only one bid was received. Atchison Recycling bid $500. Due to the absence of alderman Ed Hunkins, and alderman Mike Klosek having to abstain from voting, there was no quorom and the vote will have to be made at the next Board of Aldermen meeting March 7.
The board approved a 20-year land lease at Gould Peterson Municipal Airport to Harry Flint of Craig, hangar #7, previously owned by the Emerson Wayne Ireland, who is now deceased.
Next on the agenda was the voting for the vacating of Chestnut Street East of 1st Street. Kloseks dropped the request so no vote was needed.
The board voted to approve Brian and Darcy Morey’s request to build closer to the street at 405 Vine in Tarkio.
Tarkio Park Board representatives Austin Baruth and Brittany Vogler gave an update on projects. The park board had looked into bringing a carnival to town, but due to the carnival company’s own schedule and the logistics, it will not be possible to have one in Tarkio at this time using this company. The Park Board will continue to look at different ways to bring people to town. Park Board representative Dustin VanGundy discussed plans underway to create a dog park in town. The dog park would be located south of the baseball field on S. 3rd Street. VanGundy mentioned that the fencing was going to run around $2,300. Volunteer help will be installing the fence to keep the cost down. Rules will be posted and patrons must follow them.
The aldermen discussed a request made asking the city to hook up Wi-Fi at the Tarkio Community Building. The estimate received was $44.95 per month plus the cost of a router, $140 through Midwest Data Center. The Wi-Fi would also reach the pool area. After a discussion was held on the feasibility of controlling its use, continually changing the password, and how to earn extra money to pay for the monthly fee, the vote was tabled to the next meeting.
Discussion was held on the Walnut Inn lots on Main Street. Currently none of the lots are being used. The aldermen agreed to put the lots out for bid with a minimum bid of $2,000 to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing the lots.
Ed Hunkins, Fire Department – Hunkins was absent.
Mike Klosek, City Buildings – Klosek had nothing to report.
Andy Riley, City Streets – Riley reported that the snow removal has been a huge success and he has heard a lot of compliments from residents on how quickly and efficiently the streets are being cleared. Street Superintendent Jamie Quimby updated the council on repairs made to the Ford pickup. The Street Department had to order a new cutting edge for the skid steer and will have to order for the trucks after this winter season. He also reported that the street crew had assisted the Tarkio Board of Public Works and other crews during the sinkhole/sewer main break problem at the Hwy. 59 and McNary Street intersection a few weeks ago. The Board of Public Works reimburses the city for the wages. A blade was lost while pushing snow so one was borrowed from MoDOT until it is found or reordered. He also said that replacement blades for the truck will be put into the next budget. Shane has been cleaning inlets and ditches with the skid steer.
Scott Poppa, City Parks and Pool – No update.
Tyson Gibbons, Police Department – Chief Gibbons said that Officer Mike Logan is leaving to work at Nodaway County so an ad needs to be placed looking for another officer. The coyote issue was also discussed. They have gotten extremely brave coming into town and killing locals’ pets and livestock. Traps had been set up in certain areas, but so far no coyotes had been caught.
Mayor Tim Morehouse – No report.
Adam Stanton, Building Inspector – A new fire code is needed. The last one was approved in 1996. The board agreed. He also gave the board a report showing who got letters on dilapidated or dangerous buildings.
Becky Jones, Financials – Jones asked if anyone had questions on the January 2018 financials.
The aldermen approved the payment of the outstanding bills. The meeting was adjourned at 7:02 p.m. The next meeting will be held March 7 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall.