April 1, 1993
• Receiving their first Holy Communion in St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Tarkio by Father Augustine Dreiling Sunday, March 28, included Megan O’Riley, Maggie McAdams, Michael Oswald, Megan McAdams, Julie McEnaney, and Brandon Shaw.

March 28, 1968
• Twenty-five head of cattle on the Oaks and Charles Scarlett farm south of Fairfax were killed by a bolt of lightning early Wednesday morning. The storm, which produced very little moisture, but considerable thunder and lightning, struck after midnight. The cattle were found dead around the trunk of a tree which was split from a bolt of lightning. A raccoon, which apparently had been in the tree, was also victim of the freak accident.

April 2, 1943
• Counting enlistments and men taken into the service by the draft, Atchison County now has more than 1,000 men in the four branches of Uncle Sam’s fighting forces – Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.