Colin Joesting received a I rating at the district contest.



Tarkio R-I students traveled to St. Joseph, Missouri, on Saturday, March 24, 2018, to compete in the All-District Solo/Small Ensemble Contest at Central High School. Tarkio came home with one I rating, with that soloist (Colin Joesting) advancing to state competition.
Individual results for Tarkio participants follow:
Colin Joesting (vocal solo) – I
Shaylee Sparks (instrumental solo) – II
Gabby DeRosier (vocal solo) – II
Madison Ohrt (vocal solo) – II
Grace Martin (vocal solo) – II
Misc. Vocal Ensemble (Troy Wennihan, Colin Joesting, Jimi Elder, Grace Martin, Anna Klute, Madison Ohrt, Destiny Sanders) – II
SAB Sextet (Troy Wennihan, Colin Joesting, Grace Martin, Madison Ohrt, Hannah Blank, and Gabby DeRosier) – II
Brass Quartet (Madison Ohrt, Devin Guajardo, Ella Rolf, Jordyn Hogue) – III
Saxophone Quartet I (Grace Martin, Jae Barnett, Anna Klute, and Lexi Somerville) – III
Saxophone Quartet II (Shaylee Sparks, Brynnan Poppa, Bryli Staten, Mercedes Parshall) – III
Hannah Blank (vocal solo) – III
Selena Somerville (vocal solo) – III
Troy Wennihan (vocal solo) – III
SSA Sextet (Hannah Blank, Gabby DeRosier, Harley Caudill, Skye Clark, Jae Barnett, Brylie Staten) – III
SSA Sextet (Dixie Hendrix, Destiny Sanders, Selena Somerville, Jamie Hendrix, Madison Driskell, Bryli Staten) – III