April 8, 1993
• Ethel Freemyer, Fairfax, has been elected Volunteer of the Year by the Atchison County Committee of OATS, Inc. Ethel has been an OATS rider since she left her farm and moved to town seven years ago. She currently serves as the OATS contact for Fairfax.
• Stephen Burke, a fifth grader at Fairfax, was chosen the overall county winner at the recent Atchison County Soil and Water Conservation Department Poster Contest. Noelle Jagger of Tarkio, 6th grade, placed 2nd and Jessica Moran, a 4th grader at Rock Port, placed 3rd. Troy Cook, a 6th grader at Rock Port, received honorable mention.
April 4, 1968
• A break-in and robbery was discovered at Clement Grocery in Westboro when the store was opened Tuesday morning. About 75 cartons of cigarettes and a large Burroughs cash register with less than $2.00 in cash were missing.
• Mrs. Eva Cofer (3rd grade teacher at Fairfax) has introduced her students to an improved science program using different methods and materials. Students “do” instead of just “read” and “hear” about science. Students work individually or in small groups. Reading is supplemented by other ways of learning science and many students who in the past have experienced limited success because of their inability to read have become the shining lights. As a result, the desire to read has increased.
April 9, 1943
• A grass fire which got dangerously close to the Baptist Church caused the fire alarm to be sounded Thursday and the blaze was extinguished after some weather boards on the building had been scorched.
• Spring weather has been here long enough that most people have much of their gardens planted. The fine weather is giving farmers opportunity to get their spring work under way and most of the oats have been sown.