April 22, 1993
• Seven members of the Mu Lambda Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi enjoyed a founders day outing to Council Bluffs, Iowa. They visited “Cow Patty’s” and the Mall of the Bluffs. Attending were Christina Smith, Staci Wiley, Susan Gomel, Michelle Ilsley, Kim Hillsabeck, Dawn Lewis, and Janice Ray.
April 18, 1968
• Construction work has resumed on a seven mile stretch of Hwy. 46 by the Ideker Construction Co. early this week, after the winter shut-down. It will offer a greatly improved highway to the east. Many of the short hills have been eliminated, the road-bed widened with adequate shoulders provided.
• Preliminary general plans of the Fairfax Community Hospital expansion program were accepted. According to the plans, 22 beds plus a lounge-dining room area and solarium, in addition to nurses’ station and storage space will be incorporated into the new addition at the hospital, which lends itself to extended care patients.
April 23, 1943
• At two o’clock Wednesday afternoon a tabulation of figures on the Second War Loan Drive revealed that the people of Fairfax and community had purchased $76,405 worth of war bonds so far in this campaign and had topped the quota assigned to this part of the county by $11,405, local chairman Ray C. Whitford announced. The Fairfax quota had been set at $65,000.