“Goal! The Beautiful Game of Football…er…Soccer!” was performed by Tarkio Elementary kindergarten, first, and second graders in front of a large crowd of family and friends Friday afternoon, April 13, 2018, in the Tarkio High School Auditorium. Shouting “Goal!” with the others are, above, Ava Brown and Harper Wood.


At top right portraying Picky Patty is Macy Stepp. Above is Jax Peregrine and Braylyn Wood who rapped to “Kick It.”


Football…er…Soccer!” for a large crowd of family and friends in the Tarkio High School Auditorium Friday, April 13, 2018. Directed by Mrs. Melody Barnett, Ms. Lisa Clement, and Mrs. Amy Haddock, the musical is a production by John Jacobson and John Higgins and included songs of “Goal!”, “Awesome,” “Kick It” with Jax Peregrine, Braylyn Wood, Karsyn White, and Zander Wallace rapping, “El Juego Bonito (The Beautiful Game),” “It’s Not If You Win,” and “Reprise: Goal!”
The cast of characters included: Announcer – Cam­den Lahart; Speaker 2/Alex – Savanna Lindsay; Picky Patty – Macy Stepp; Danny – Shaylon McNaughton; Johnny – Easton Madron; Assistant Coach – Rhoni Caudill; Whiney Kids – Azlynn Wiley, Treyvin Lester, and Damon Drummond; Juan/Luis – Luke Gebhards; Henrich/Lev – Jayden Scott; Pablo – Axyl Slemp; Benni – Zoe Rosenbohm; Kim – Ceanna Caldwell; Hiroko – Ben Rolf; Speaker 1/Mia – Emily Smith; Speaker 3/Tommy – Maddox Pearson; Carrie – Abby Thompson; Michael – Kade Pridell; George – Kaiden Nelson; Coach – Annalee Livengood; Frank – Karsyn White; Kevin – Jax Peregrine; Anna Maria – Sophia Riley; Carlos – Treyton Brown; Lisa – Braylyn Wood; Emma/Danielle – Kelsey Avrett; and Oliver – Zander Wallace.
Kindergarten performers included – Tristan Burke, Jerald Goodin, Tory Hogue, Tucker Hurst, Quad Klosek, Brynleigh Lopez, Mikayla McDonald, Olivia Searl, Grace­yn Reeves, Gabby Shub­kagel, Rolen Lahart, Brynna Alsup, Katie Avrett, Ava Brown, Lexi Caudill, Landon Driskell, Sophie Hegstrom, Jackson Hogue, Skyla Holtz, Julien Jimenez, Amber Johnson, Raylan Stillwell, and Harper Wood.
First Grade performers included – Keely Bred­en­stein­er, Alegra Brodrick, MaKenna Caudill, Aiden Erick­son, Viviane Hale, Sa­vannah Kinzie, Liam Liechti, Caroline Powell, Rogan Rus­sell, Josh Schlueter, Ca­leb Smith, Teagan Taylor, Bentlee Gladman, Milton Holtz, Grayson Masonbrink, Kinsley Merriweather, Em­ma Navin, Colton Rightsell, Brilee Slemp, Owen Thomp­son, Michael Vance, Owen Vette, and Gracie Walker.